Dallas Cowboys: Next Three Games Will Determine Everything

LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 29:Quarterback Dak Prescott
LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 29:Quarterback Dak Prescott /

The next three weeks will determine if the Dallas Cowboys are a playoff team this season or if they’ve dug too deep of a hole to make the postseason.

The Dallas Cowboys have won four games this season and with wins the last two weeks, they’re trending in positive direction. However, two of their wins have come against terrible teams in San Francisco and the Giants. Furthermore, their last win was against a severely injured Redskins team.

The next few weeks the Cowboys will face the Chiefs, Falcons, Eagles, and Chargers. If they can come out of these games with at least two wins, the Cowboys will be in the playoff race. How they perform will say more about if they are to be considered a real threat. Wins against the Eagles and Chiefs will go a long way into putting the Cowboys in the discussion for best team in the NFC.

Bleak with no Zeke

The immediate problem, of course, is the loss of Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys still have games to play and games they have to win. They can’t stand by and wait for his return because their future will be determined by then. Elliott not being able to play will add different set of issues to overcome. Like finding a new player to lead the offense.


The Chiefs are first up and are coming off a short week. The Chiefs are a totally different team than the Redskins, and are a lot healthier. They play a style of offense that plays well against the weakness of the Cowboys offense. They tend to throw mid range to the outside and short passes over the middle. The fact Sean Lee is healthy should help, but this will be a huge test for a defense that has performed better over the past few weeks.


The Falcons are an up and down team, and while they have a solid offense and defense, neither has been consistent this season. The Cowboys should be able to win this game as long as the Falcons haven’t found some consistency in the next two weeks. No game in the NFL is a sure thing, but the way the Cowboys have played the last few weeks should give enough confidence against the Falcons.


The big test will, of course, be the Eagles. While the Eagles have only lost one game, they haven’t won very pretty at all this season. They have looked bad at times and really good at times. However, looking at their schedule they haven’t exactly played a good team. The only really good team they played they also lost to — the Chiefs. They barely won against the Chargers and Giants. The only game they have looked really strong was against the winless 49ers.

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The aforementioned Chargers are the last team in this stretch we are looking at. The Chargers have been at best a mediocre team. They have a solid running game, but after that the team looks very beatable. Their defense is average and their passing game is nothing to be scared of. This is like the Falcons game, not a solid bet, but should be a win.

If the Cowboys can win three of the next four games, they will be in solid control of their playoff destiny.

If one of those wins comes against the Eagles, the Cowboys have an outside chance to win the NFC East. First up is a huge test in the Kansas City Chiefs. A win, and the Cowboys can start focusing on stringing together a fourth win against the Falcons and march headstrong into the Eagles game.

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The next four games will be a litmus test for the Dallas Cowboys. Two of the next four should be a solid test for a team looking to get back into the Super Bowl contender conversation. Right now the defensive secondary is still a question mark, however, the last few weeks should have helped with them growing a little more. Now we wait for the next few games to see who the Dallas Cowboys really are.