Cowboys: If you think Dak is overrated, you’re wrong

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 12: Dak Prescott
ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 12: Dak Prescott /

Some in the national media are all too eager to call Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott, overrated. Signaling to everyone they have no idea what they’re talking about.

The Dallas Cowboys played and lost their first game in the Dak Prescott era without the services of All-Pro running back, Ezekiel Elliott. The loss prompted many in the national media to finally say what they’ve wanted to say since halfway through last season – that Dak Prescott is overrated.

As explained last week in, Will They Grow to Hate Prescott Like They Did Romo, haters love to hate. The only thing more fun than a rags to riches story is a fall from grace story. And it’s been clear since last season that many wanted to tear the Dallas signal caller down before he was even properly built up.

The main point is, no one, not Tom Brady, not Drew Brees, and certainly not Carson Wentz, could have had success with the Cowboys offensive line on Sunday.

Not surprisingly, the hate started surfacing tenfold following the Cowboys’ loss to the Atlanta Falcons. People who foolishly called Prescott overrated before now saw this as an opportunity to call him such again. Only this time they had proof to go with their declaration.

The fact that Dak Prescott couldn’t win without his trusty sidekick was all the proof they needed. They called him a system quarterback. They said Zeke was the driving force and Dak was merely a bus driver. They called him overrated.

What separates the “personalities” from the analysts

This is what separates the media “personalities” from the actual “analysts”. Many sports personalities consider themselves sports gurus who have a higher understanding of the sports and players in which they cover. As experts they look at the facts: the Cowboys offense only mustered seven points. Dak Prescott didn’t throw for a single touchdown. Without the running game Dallas had no passing game.

They took these facts and ran with them. Clearly it meant: The Cowboys need Zeke for Dak to be successful. That the game against the Falcons proves it. Dak couldn’t get anything done and great QBs always find a way to get it done.

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Or do they?

For those of us who watch the film, we see a much different narrative. And Zeke’s absence from the team had very little to do with that narrative. Those that actually watch the games and apply a little logic and reason, quickly see that this was a pass protection thing. Primarily at the left tackle.

And before anyone says that all QB’s have to deal with replacement players protecting their blindside, I say watch the film. The combined performance of Chaz Green and Byron Bell was quite possibly the worst in the history of the NFL. Frankly, it’s amazing Dak Prescott did as well as he did.

Let it be known, I am no Dak Prescott apologist. He is a developing passer who screws up on a weekly basis. In that Atlanta game there were a couple sailed balls and a couple missed opportunities. He could have played better (although, I can say the same for 32 other QBs every week as well).

No one else could have won either

The main point is, no one, not Tom Brady, not Drew Brees, and certainly not Carson Wentz, could have had success with the Cowboys offensive line on Sunday. It was a complete breakdown in protection play after play. I doubt any of those other QBs I listed would have survived the day, much less attempted a pass in the final quarter.

It’s almost good to see the fake analysts separate themselves from the real analysts. We get to see them for who they really are. There’s no way they’ve put in the work. Anyone who watched the game can plainly see this was a Tyron Smith thing more than an Ezekiel Elliott thing.

Overcoming obstacles is part of the game and it will be on Dak Prescott to find a way to do so the rest of this season. Maybe he will and maybe he won’t. If he fails through his own poor play, then the “overrated” conversation has merit. But in no way was last Sunday’s contest an indictment on Dak. Anyone who says it was has just outed themselves.

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Dak Prescott has one of the best starts to an NFL career as any quarterback ever to play the game. To say he’s anything but great is ignoring all facts, stats, and analysis. But hey, keep hating haters because the rest of us know the truth. About you and about Dak.