Dallas Cowboys and penalties: Is the NFL conspiring against Dallas?

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 19: LeGarrette Blount
ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 19: LeGarrette Blount /

The Dallas Cowboys have legitimate complaints about the lack of penalties called in their favor. Or do they?

Going into the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys had the fewest beneficial penalties in the entire NFL. Not only did they have the fewest penalties, they also had the fewest yards in favor of them. This has led to some to believe there is a conspiracy with Roger Goodell. I highly doubt that is the case, but do the Dallas Cowboys have a legitimate complaint?

First let’s look at the number of penalties for the Dallas Cowboys. Going into the game on Sunday the Cowboys had 53 penalties called in favor of them.  Now the Cowboys sit at 56 with three other teams at 57. So far, it looks like the Cowboys don’t have a valid complaint.

Next let’s look at yardage. Going into the game they had a total of 386 total beneficial yards. As of today they sit at a meager 416 yards. They had a gap of about 100 yards behind everyone else going into Sunday.

We can start with the number of holding  penalties opposing offensive lines have been called for. That number would be zero.

Maybe, this could be where the Cowboys have a valid gripe. However, they are currently only 50 yards behind the next closest team.

Looking at the numbers it looks like the Dallas Cowboys don’t have a lot of valid complaints when it comes the penalties. However, looking at the timing as well as the type is where the Cowboys have a very strong case.

We can start with the number of holding  penalties opposing offensive lines have been called for. That number would be zero. Yup, zero holding calls the last 29 quarters.

Yes, you read that right, 29 quarters have passed since an offensive line held a Dallas defensive player. If you have watched any of those 29 quarters you probably saw  a handful of holding calls that went uncalled. I’m talking about the obvious, no need for replay, textbook holding calls. This is just the first example of why the Cowboys have a real case.

The next issue has been the lack of pass interference. In the last two games Dez Bryant was destroyed while running a route. At the very least one of those could have been a defenseless player penalty. Yet, nothing was called. Again, these were obvious no replay needed penalties.

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The last case would be the myriad of facemask penalties that went uncalled on Dak Prescott and Alfred Morris. I am also sure many of us saw the shot to Dak’s head he took last game. Again, nothing was called, these were obvious calls that should have had a flag thrown and weren’t.

So looking at these missed calls the Dallas Cowboys could start having a reason to appeal to the league. Many of these missed calls were at vital points in the game; third downs, in the red zone, or during a long drive that killed a rhythm.

These things happen to every team, but 29 straight quarters? I can’t remember another stretch like that for another team.

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Now, it would be silly to think the fight between Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell has anything to do with this. I know there are a lot of fans out there who feel otherwise, but I just can’t fully get there in my head that Goodell would do something like that. However, if the Dallas Cowboys can go another game or two without a holding call, I might be convinced to start believing. Then again, would anyone be surprised if it were true? I wouldn’t. Come to think about it, 29 quarters is a pretty long time.