There’s Hope! Cowboys aren’t dead, but they’re mostly dead

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 5: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform as the Cowboys play the Kansas City Chiefs at AT
ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 5: The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders perform as the Cowboys play the Kansas City Chiefs at AT /

The Cowboys may still have a mathematical chance of making the postseason this year but the numbers say that’s nearly impossible.

As Miracle Max from The Princess Bride would say, they are “mostly dead”. You see, the Dallas Cowboys are not dead, per se, but they certainly are mostly dead. According to, the Cowboys have a less than one percent chance of making the first round of the playoffs.

They have a chance but it’s not a very reasonable chance. Heck, 29 other NFL teams technically have a chance since only three have been mathematically eliminated. But that doesn’t mean they should all hold their breath.

Note: If you don’t know who Miracle Max is you have bigger issues to deal with than understanding my analogy. I digress…

The Cowboys are not mathematically eliminated from the playoffs but I think with a one percent chance, we can all agree they are highly unrealistic odds. Those of us rationally mind folk needn’t play a game of “what if”, we understand the loss to Philadelphia threw the season in the coffin and the loss to Los Angeles threw the lid on said coffin. The historically poor performance of the offense and defense do little to convince us that anything other than a couple nails for this coffin will be earned in coming weeks.

The Cowboys may be only mostly dead but being completely dead is inevitable and I don’t see Miracle Max walking through that door anytime soon. Besides, I’m pretty sure he’s a Giants fan anyways.

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Keep hope alive

No, don’t keep hope for a miracle to happen this season. Keep hope alive for next season. As discussed on Sunday, ending the season with a losing record does little to inhibit success next season. The Eagles, Saints, Vikings, Panthers and Rams all ended last season absent of winning records. That didn’t stop any of them from being legitimate contenders this season.

The Cowboys may be down this season, but they are primed to be comeback team of the year next season.

Salvage the season

This season is all about salvage. It’s about forcing the issue with Dak Prescott. Make Dak play out of his funk. Because the player we’re seeing on the field these past few weeks is not the same guy that we’ve known throughout last season and much of this season. His issues are in his head and it’s up to him to overcome those issues.

If Jason Garrett can pull Dak Prescott out of his tailspin, other underachieving parts will follow. The wins don’t matter anymore. It’s all about Dak these days. If he can get back to being the man he was, there’s no reason to think the Cowboys can’t bounce back in a big way next season.

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No, the Dallas Cowboys have not been eliminated from the playoffs yet but they might as well be. They have too much to overcome both on the field and in the odds themselves. Focus on the big picture and hopefully we’ll all be able to enjoy the last month of football amidst some depressing circumstances.