Should the Dallas Mavericks ship Harrison Barnes?

DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 20: Harrison Barnes
DALLAS, TX - OCTOBER 20: Harrison Barnes /

The Dallas Mavericks could become traders by the start of the trade deadline. Could they move their top scorer, small forward Harrison Barnes?

Dallas Mavericks starter Harrison Barnes has been a key contributor for the team since his arrival two years ago. His points per game has increased dramatically since given the reigns to the Mavs.

Barnes signed with Dallas Mavericks on July 6. 2016. Terms of the contracted were a guaranteed four year deal worth 94 million dollar deal. Last year alone, the small forward made 22,116,750 dollars. This year, he is expected to make around 23,000,000.

Since signing with the team the former Warrior saw his points per game increase by eight points. A key part of Barnes success could be not having to share the load with three other All-Stars.

While Barnes has been a huge asset for the Dallas Mavericks, what if the team were to trade their future star?

Moving their leading scorer could provide tremendous potential for the Dallas Mavericks and the future of their team.

First off  this could help the long term success of rookie point guard Dennis Smith Jr. If the Mavs were to get rid of Barnes, the leading rookie would be the first one to benefit from the move. One thing the move could do is give more ball control to Smith Jr.

The rising guard of the league has already proven he has the potential to be a big time baller. On Friday, December 29th 2017 the Dallas rookie recorded his first triple double of the season going for 21 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. This something not many rookies can achieve right off the bat.

The Dallas Mavericks rookie is currently averaging 13.7 points game to go with 4.2 assists. Giving Smith Jr the reigns to the team could prove long term success for the future All-Star.

Second, it is best to move Harrison Barnes now before it is too late and the team regrets the decision. As of late, the current team leader in points has struggled down the stretch.

On December 23rd against the Atlanta Hawks Barnes missed two key free throws down the stretch that would have put the team just one point behind the Hawks with less than 10 seconds left of regulation.

That was not the only time Barnes gave Mavs fans a heart attack. On December 27th against the Indiana Pacers, Barnes missed two key free throws with the teams tied at 94 points a piece with 37 seconds left on the clock.

His inability to make free throws down the stretch and be the clutch player Dallas needs could hurt the team in future games down the road.

A final and third reason moving Barnes would help out the Dallas Mavericks is that their could be plenty of teams in need of  an outside threat and inside scorer.

One team who could need a player like Harrison Barnes is the Denver Nuggets. Trading their leading scorer to the Nuggets could provide benefits for both teams.

Currently, the Denver Nuggets are in the middle of the pack when it comes to the Western Conference. Adding Barnes would give them an extra scorer and a player with plenty of playoff experience.

If a trade with Denver were to happen, some players who Dallas could in return are Kenneth Faried and Wilson Chandler. Both players would provide tremendous upside and give them the inside help they might need in the future.

One key question to factor in is the 94 million dollar contract the Mavs gave Barnes when they first signed him. If Denver is open to filling the void Dallas has left on Barnes’ contract then this could be a win-win for both teams.

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Another One key question Dallas must look at is: Would moving Harrison Barnes be the best option for the team looking towards future success.