Dallas Cowboys: This draft has Jerry Jones all over it

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 30: Owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys walks on the field before the game agaisnt the Washington Redskins at AT
ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 30: Owner Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys walks on the field before the game agaisnt the Washington Redskins at AT /

With NFL draft coming to the Dallas Cowboys’ home base this spring, it could be all about Jerry Jones. Here’s why that could be a good thing.

For years fans, analysts, media personalities, and NFL insiders have had their opinions of what Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys will do in the NFL draft. We have heard everything from trading up, to trading down, to trading players, and even shocking people and staying put. When it comes to Jerry Jones no one ever knows what he will do. With the NFL draft in Dallas this year, it has all the makings of a memorable Jerry Jones draft.

There are many needs on the Dallas Cowboys this season. Just about every position is up for a possible draft pick. Sure, maybe not starters, but surely in depth. One of the top needs that many feel the Dallas Cowboys have is at wide receiver. We could argue all day if it is the top priority, but linebacker, guard, safety, and defensive tackle could all stake claim as well.

This brings us to why this draft could have a Jerry Jones’ imprint all over it…

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It is no secret Jerry loves to make headlines. He really is all about his brand and his wallet. Having the draft in Dallas could force Jerry to make a splash or at least try to make a splash. Would it really surprise anyone this year if Jerry tries to move up in the draft? I could see a few scenarios in which he could at least try.

If Minkah Fitzpatrick, the safety out of Alabama, Bradley Chubb, the defensive tackle out of NC State, or Roquan Smith, the linebacker out of Georgia, are sitting somewhere around 10-15, Jerry might just try to get a move up. While these may not be the biggest splash, it could keep Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys in discussion through the rest of the draft.

There is only one other way that Jerry could surprise everyone in the first, and that would be if a stellar wide receiver is sitting at the bottom of the first round like Calvin Ridley  or Courtland Sutton and he is afraid of not getting his guy in the second. Would it really surprise anyone if Jerry did either of these moves?

My guess would be if Jerry is going to make a move it will either be to get more picks or to move up in the 2nd or 3rd round. Jerry may love making a splash, but he is not a fan of losing draft picks. With the Dallas Cowboys having ten picks in this draft, I wonder if Jerry has been planning for this draft for a few seasons.

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Let’s think about this for a second. Free agency will start before the draft. If the Dallas Cowboys dabble more this season than they have in the last few at less flashy positions then it could be a sign Jerry might want to make a move in the draft for flash. Free agency could be a precursor to what could occur in the draft.

Another sign this draft could be about Jerry and his desire to make a splash, is it looks like Dallas will keep Will McClay. Rarely do we hear Jerry wanting to pay extra for staff, and even less so for a guy who many feel should be a general manager. Jerry is doing all he can to keep McClay. Think Jerry wants one of the best talent evaluators in the NFL to leave right before the draft comes to Dallas? Probably not if he wants to make some noise.

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No one really knows what Jerry Jones is going to do, and that probably includes Jerry himself. It should not surprise any fan if the Dallas Cowboys try to make some moves in the draft. While Jerry could surprise us all and do nothing more than stand pat. But wouldn’t this surprise all of us too? Either way this draft has Jerry Jones all over it, and it is just the way he likes it.