Cowboys: Why Stephen Jones putting players on blast is good

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Cowboys’ executive VP and franchise heir apparent, Stephen Jones, has been putting his players on blast as of late. Here’s why that’s a breath of fresh air…

Stephen Jones has been quite the vocal leader for the Dallas Cowboys organization this week. But instead of the usual ringing endorsement so often heard this time of year, Stephen is being publicly critical, even “blasting” cornerstone players.

Putting players on blast is nothing new in pro sports. It can be quite the motivational tool if used correctly. It’s just extremely uncommon for the Cowboys.

According to the good ‘ol Wiktionary, to put someone on blast is defined as the following:

"“To embarrass by publicly denouncing or exposing especially by using social media.”"

While Stephen may not be the twitter blaster of commander and chief proportions, he’s certainly savvy to the way the medium works. When Cowboys’ brass talks. We listen. And social media does the rest. It didn’t talk long before half of Cowboys Nation was informed of Stephen’s dissatisfaction with a few cornerstone players.

Dez Bryant, Ezekiel Elliott, and David Irving are just a few of the players Stephen Jones has been publically critical of. They are all cornerstone players. And they are all expected to be better in some regard. While I disagree wholeheartedly with his handling of David Irving (more on that next week), I’m pleased with the accountability he’s demanding from his most important employees.

This type of public shaming is new around these parts. Previously we’ve been subjected to Jerry Jones’ annual lovefest, inexplicably bestowed upon cornerstone players of underachieving teams. To say this blast – this public shaming – is a breath of fresh air is almost an understatement.

The lovefest is no more. The Cowboys need better. They need results – not friends. And Stephen Jones seems like he’s leading the culture shift at the Star.

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In and of itself, it may seem curious Stephen Jones is critical of players but doubling-down on the franchise’s endorsement of Jason Garrett. But further review says this is also strategic.

The Dallas Cowboys are trying to build a coaching staff and eventually trying to sign some inexpensive free agents. For both things to happen Dallas needs to show stability and opportunity. Publicly placing the head coach on the “hot seat” is not a way to achieve this.

Stephen Jones may very well be dissatisfied with Jason but it does absolutely no good to say so publicly.

But putting his players on blast makes all the sense in the world: It can diminish perceived value, it can motivate, it can be a warning shot, or a precursor to future action.

Whatever his specific intent, blasting the right players at the right time is what we expect from a winning front office.

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Stephen Jones is not happy with the status quo and he’s putting underachieving players on blast. This type of public reckoning is welcomed sight to Cowboys fans who are sick of excuses and desperate for results.