Cowboys: 7 Round Mock v2.1: Big Names, Unique Finds

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Tight end Mike Gesicki
PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Tight end Mike Gesicki /
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Following the Super Bowl and with the NFL Combine upcoming, the latest mock draft for the Dallas Cowboys focuses on big talent and unique finds.

Before we begin this Dallas Cowboys mock draft, as always, I like to explain the way the players were chosen. We here at SportDFW, like many sites, use FanSided Mock Draft. I do not usually do trades, as I feel the website does not a do a great job with them, so instead, I pick in place. I run the simulator at a minimum of ten times, although this version was far more than that.

I picked based on best player and needs. For instance, if a top-flight quarterback were to fall in the first, they may be the highest player on my board, but won’t be picked. The player with the most times picked in a specific spot, ended up being the names you see.

Not all of the names will be ones that all fans will want, nor will the positions and where they are drafted. Part of the hard part about doing the draft this way is that other teams “pick” and you have to take the draft as it comes to you. A “perfect” draft, would be fun, but not very realistic. Teams miss out on players because another team grabs their guy ahead of them.

The evaluations are a mix of,, and my going to watch tape on them. I am by no means a scout but have been doing this long enough to know what to look for, or at least have a good idea. I hope you enjoy the mock, and please feel free to comment below on your thoughts.

Well, let’s go straight to round one, and a huge name falls to the Dallas Cowboys.