Cowboys: 7 Round Mock v2.1: Big Names, Unique Finds

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Tight end Mike Gesicki
PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Tight end Mike Gesicki /
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Round 2 – Will Hernandez – Guard – UTEP

If you don’t know who Will Hernandez is, I suggest you go look him up. Hernandez is widely considered to be one of the best linemen in the draft this year at guard. He could go in the first round, but at this point, because he played at UTEP, he is projected as a second-round player. The first thing you see when looking at Hernandez is he is built like a wall. He has a great base and good body size. While he may not have ideal height or arm length, he has just about everything else you want from a guard.

Hernandez can be a starter from day one due to his agility and flexibility. He will need a little bit of work on inside pass rushers, but it looks like that might be a footwork issue and an easily fixable one. Again, he played at UTEP, not at a major program. The only other issue with Hernandez is his arm length, but he has the overall size to make up for it with minimal work.

There were some decent choices here in the second round. Tyquan Lewis, Dallas Goedert, and Michael Gallup were names that popped up as well. I went with Hernandez because of the love of the offensive line in Dallas and keeping Dak Prescott upright and running lanes open for Ezekiel Elliott are the keys to the offense.

Here is a video of Hernandez against Texas, he is the left guard, number 76.