Cowboys: 7 Round Mock v2.1: Big Names, Unique Finds

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Tight end Mike Gesicki
PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Tight end Mike Gesicki /
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Round 4 – Dante Pettis – Wide Receiver – Washington

Pettis is a player I think could go as early as the late second round or third round. However, he was there more often than not in the fourth round and I was happy to pick him after missing out on Brown in the third. Pettis might be the better route runner of the two. Pettis makes some amazing plays and when he shows up, he can be a game changer. The issue was at times he disappeared in 2017. Some of that could be from the cast around him and the quarterback, but it is something that could scare off some teams.

I don’t think Pettis is going to be your number one receiver, but he will be your 1a/2 type receiver, think Rishard Matthews. He has the speed to get deep and will run routes better than anyone else. However, he isn’t the biggest guy and will need to create a little space for himself with route running instead of using muscle. However, this isn’t a bad thing and is something the Dallas Cowboys lack on the outside.

This was a great round for picking as there were three picks, JC Jackson is a strong possibility if his off-field issues are addressed and Godwin Igwebuike at safety is another name that would be picked more than once. I do think the Cowboys will look to add at the wide receiver position at the very least.

Here is a video of Pettis against Utah. He is number 8.