Cowboys: 7 Round Mock v2.1: Big Names, Unique Finds

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Tight end Mike Gesicki
PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Tight end Mike Gesicki /
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Round 5 – Akrum Wadley – Running Back – Iowa

I love the Ezekiel Elliott and Rod Smith combo in the backfield for the Dallas Cowboys, however, with the high probability of Alfred Morris leaving this offseason, the Cowboys could be looking to add one more running back. Wadley is the type of running back that the Dallas Cowboys would use right away, even if it is situational.

Wadley has the speed for days and great vision of the field. His issues are he will not always take the one cut available to him and doesn’t feel players behind him. If he is in the open field watch out as Wadley can take one to the house if given a little space in front of him. He will need to work on his running lane patience and one cut style of running, but that is not why he is picked here.

Wadley is a nightmare as a pass catcher for linebackers and in every game, I saw of him, you can see he deserves respect as a pass catcher and home run threat. He will need to add some size as his legs are not really thick to plow through tacklers at all, but he just needs a little space and he will make people miss.

I had a hard time at this point in the draft, as here depth is the focus, but you also want to fill some holes with players who can play a role. There are some safeties and corners around, but after how well late in the season the secondary played, I went with an obvious gap rather than someone like Dominick Sanders or Danny Johnson in the secondary.

Here is a video of Wadley against Penn St. It shows his strengths and weaknesses very well in one game.