Dallas Cowboys: Should the Cowboys trade for Emmanuel Sanders?

DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 10: Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders
DENVER, CO - DECEMBER 10: Wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders /

The Dallas Cowboys are in the market for an elite wide receiver. Should the franchise take a chance on Denver Broncos wide receiver, Emmanuel Sanders?

The Dallas Cowboys will be making a lot of moves in the offseason and players are being placed on trade blocks all over the NFL. The newest player rumored to be available is wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders from the Denver Broncos.

Sanders should generate significant interest on the trade market as he is one of the more elite receivers available. Teams all over the NFL should be weighing their options and the Dallas Cowboys are no exception. But should Dallas go after the Broncos star? Let’s examine the situation.

The Denver Broncos will likely accept a draft pick in return for Sanders but it is not yet known how high of a pick they will be seeking. The Broncos have a ton of needs at multiple positions so it is possible that a mid-round pick would be acceptable.

Sanders is a Texas native so his wish is to come back to that area to finish his career. He is also coming off of the worst statistical season of his entire NFL career. This can be attributed to bad quarterback play but also injury.

Sanders missed significant time dealing with his injuries and struggled to be as effective as he once was. The Broncos offensive line also did the passing game no favors, as they let every quarterback under center get hit repeatedly.

Sanders is about to turn 31 which will not add any value to his trade stock. If the Dallas Cowboys can get him for a late round pick there could be some incentive to bring him in as he has never had a quarterback as talented as Dak Prescott throwing him the ball (besides early Peyton Manning).

Sanders has lost a fumble every season except for in 2011 and 2017 and he had it pretty rough last season as well. During the 2017 regular season, he only recorded 555 yards, two touchdowns, and had a 51.1 percent catch percentage which was the lowest of his career.

This does not mean that he would not have success in Dallas it just means that the Cowboys have to be prudent about how they approach the situation. Having two aging wide receivers with relatively big contracts is not the best situation to be in.

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There is also the chance that the Broncos flat out release Sanders which may be the best possible outcome. If Sanders flies under the radar Dallas could scoop him up on a team friendly short term deal.

They do have enough wiggle room with their salary cap but it could be cheaper to just draft a wide receiver in the long run. While Sanders career may be starting to wane he could easily be the most productive wide receiver in the Dallas Cowboys offense.

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I would expect the franchise to add a veteran wide receiver and a younger prospect at some point during the offseason.