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The Dallas Cowboys approach to free agency has typically been pretty reserved, but a move to shake up the organization could be on the way.

The Dallas Cowboys could be doing some shopping this offseason. As a fan, everyone has different opinions on who the team should bring in but typically the most prevalent opinion is that the Cowboys should be more aggressive in free agency.

They should do this by actively making cap space by cutting players who have not lived up to their potential. If some major releases do happen this offseason (which is not impossible) who will be the free agent targets the Cowboys go after?

Jarvis Landry: The Dallas Cowboys should first tackle their problems at the wide receiver position by going after Jarvis Landry. As far as receivers go, Landry is likely the best player in free agency.

He will be called a glorified slot receiver, but he is so much more. His catch percentages have been off the charts since he arrived in the NFL and really has only been hindered by how terrible the Miami Dolphins have been throughout most of his career.

Comparing the stats of Jarvis Landry and a guy like let’s say, Dez Bryant, we see that Landry (69.6) has a better catch percentage in 2017 and the difference between him and Bryant (52.4) is a margin of 17.2 percent. Not only that, Landry put up 987 yards, averaging 7 yards a catch, and nine touchdowns in 2017.

That beats most Dallas Cowboy wide receivers by a mile. If a player like Landry can perform better with a worse quarterback all season long, imagine what he could do with Dak Prescott?

Jimmy Graham: The Dallas Cowboys need a bridge player from Jason Witten to their next great tight end, and that player could be Jimmy Graham. There really is not a drawback to this move except for the price of his contract and that Graham is 31 but for tight ends, that’s not really that old.

Adding another elite tight end to this offense would open up so many possibilities and give Dak Prescott another reliable target to go to. Adding Graham would give the Cowboys a splash signing and some extra firepower in their passing game.

Ezekiel Ansah: The Dallas Cowboys need to keep building their defensive line and the addition of Ansah would go a long way to making this group an elite unit. The only problem with this name is that the Cowboys have another defensive end they have to pay this offseason.

In a perfect world, if somehow the team could land both players the Cowboys pass rush would be feared all throughout the NFL. Adding Ansah would also mean that you could place a second or third round tender on Irving and actually feel fine if he gets poached. You could adjust Tyrone Crawford’s ridiculous contract or even trade or cut him outright. Adding Ansah gives you a lot of positional flex to work with.

DeMarcus Lawrence: Ahh the crown jewel of the free agency for the Cowboys, every fan would be happy to just see this situation resolved in a speedy and timely manner. DeMarcus Lawrence is the focal point of the Cowboys pass rush, and realistically is the best defensive lineman they have.

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He not only was second in sacks last season (when does that ever happen for Dallas) he looked like an elite player. The Dallas Cowboys should do everything they can to keep their best pass rusher and that includes offering him a long-term deal. Luckily for Dallas, Lawrence wants to return and that should make getting a long-term deal done a bit easier. 

Trumaine Johnson: A top cornerback addition, Johnson would immediately provide an upgrade to the Cowboys secondary as he will be one of the highest paid options at the position. 

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While he is not a shutdown cornerback, he is reliable and can prevent deep plays. The addition of a top-tier free agent cornerback would make new secondary coach, Kris Richard’s life a lot easier.