Dallas Cowboys: What teams could be interested Dez Bryant?

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The Dallas Cowboys could be looking for a viable trade partner for superstar wide receiver, Dez Bryant. Here are several teams that should be interested.

The Dallas Cowboys have been rumored to be interested in parting ways with star wide receiver Dez Bryant. While the situation is constantly changing there are several reasons why a trade may be the best solution for all parties involved. The Cowboys will struggle to build a team around franchise quarterback, Dak Prescott, while Bryant’s cap hit remains so high.

A restructuring of his current deal would work wonders to calm everyone down, however, he has stated that he is not interested in taking less money. On that note, there are several teams that should be interested in acquiring Bryant’s services (minus the Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, and New York Giants).

The Dallas Cowboys could find several viable trade partners in the coming weeks as teams begin preparing for free agency and the 2018 NFL draft. If a franchise is going to finally focus on a first-round prospect to target, they need to address their needs in free agency.

This typically revolves around getting mostly affordable veteran options, cheap young talent, or sometimes if you are lucky (or unlucky) a high priced free agent. Now obviously trading Dez would not necessarily mean the Cowboys will look for a high-end player during free agency but trading Bryant and subsequently picking up a player like Jarvis Landry and drafting a new receiver in the first round is seemingly the most popular train of thought.

Now I do believe Bryant has some years left in him, a terrible 2015, 2016, and 2017 have left Cowboy fans drained, however, he has been injured for a lot of that time. That is not an excuse necessarily but more of a reason for the lack of production and explosiveness.

A fully healthy Bryant in 2018 could surprise everyone and record 90 catches and double-digit touchdowns but until he does speculation will continue. Other NFL franchises would gladly bring in Bryant who is such a rare blend of speed and power. In terms of need and cap space, two specific teams come to mind, the Chicago Bears and the San Francisco 49ers.

Now the Bears may not have a lot to offer personnel-wise, however, something could be figured out, plus they do have some nice draft picks. A linebacker like Leonard Floyd/ defensive linemen Akiem Hicks, Eddie Goldman, or Willie Young, could be enough to force the Dallas Cowboys to part with Bryant possibly coupled with a draft pick.

In terms of what the most interesting picks the Bears have in the 2018 draft, the team holds the eighth overall pick and moving into the top 10 would give the Cowboys a solid chance at landing linebacker Roquan Smith. The Bears need a star wide receiver in the worst way. After missing on two wide receivers in previous drafts, the Bears finally land a superstar and the Cowboys get a player or draft prospect they desire, easy right.

The second team that would be in this equation would likely be the San Francisco 49ers. They (like the Bears) are also in need of a star wide receiver and Bryant could be that player.

The 49ers are tied for the 9th overall selection with the Raiders, however, getting into the top ten picks of the draft is what would be important. Even if the Cowboys miss on Roquan Smith they could land a starting guard at either 9 or 10.

I could not see a lot of players on the 49ers being trade targets for Dallas but the team could look to either swap or gain San Francisco’s first-round pick and running back Carlos Hyde. That could be enough to grease the wheels for Dallas to get things moving.

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So what are the other options besides a trade? Well, Bryant could restructure his contract so the Cowboys are not necessarily obligated to pay out his contract towards the end of his career if he were to be released. This means that the 29-year-old wide receiver could make the full amount of his contract but he would have a lot of it converted to incentives and slashing the base salary.

Moving some numbers around in regards to Bryant’s contract is the only thing the Cowboys can do because if they lose a blue-chip player like DeMarcus Lawrence thanks to Dez’s lack of awareness they will have hamstrung this franchise for the next few seasons. 

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When Bryant’s contract finally does expire in 2019 he will not be alone as Prescott’s will as well. If they are still teammates by then, the writing will definitely be on the wall.