Dallas Cowboys: Could Suh be headed to the Cowboys?

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 31: Ndamukong Suh /

The Dallas Cowboys could make some major waves in free agency if the Dolphins release Ndamukong Suh. Will Dallas make a run at the elite pass rusher?

The Dallas Cowboys will be looking to add some extra firepower to their roster during the offseason. The team will likely enter the free agent market late looking for value and they could get lucky as some teams release some of their biggest stars. The Miami Dolphins will have some high priced veterans to make some decisions on and that could result in several of their stars departing this offseason. 

The Dolphins may be looking to free up some cap space by releasing one of their top-tier players. Ndamukong Suh could become a cap casualty as he will have the third biggest cap hit in the NFL. This could be huge for the Dallas Cowboys as they could make a play for Suh right when their free agency activity will really get going.

The Cowboys are only going to be players in free agency when the market has stabilized, meaning that they will not break the bank on any stars this season (unless it’s their own).

Currently, the team is working towards long-term contract extensions with Zack Martin, once that is completed it will likely open up some cap room to take care of a Demarcus Lawrence long-term deal. Realistically the Cowboys could have north of $20 million in cap space by the time June 1st rolls around.

That is also the time that the Dolphins could release Suh to clear up some cap space. Suh is one of the highest paid players in the league and his cap hit is enormous. Over the last three seasons he has only averaged around five sacks a season and at age 31 the Dolphins could be looking to cut their losses.

The Dallas Cowboys could be heavily intrigued by this move as they could use a veteran pass rusher to help sure up their defensive line. Even with Lawrence coming back there are still question marks surrounding players like Charles Tapper, Randy Gregory, and David Irving

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If the Cowboys place a second-round tender on Irving this means they could sign a player such as Suh as insurance. If the team can land Suh on a one-year deal/short-term contract the payoff could be immense. The Dallas Cowboys pass rush has been the teams Achilles heel that forces their secondary into tight spots.

In 2017 the defense came to life as Lawrence was second in sacks throughout 16 games. If he can duplicate this success there is no telling where this defense could go from here. The addition of Suh would be monumental and may give the team the opportunity to hit on a key free agent that would actually make a difference on the roster.

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The Dolphins could also be looking to trade Suh, however, absorbing that monstrous contract for any team would be a daunting task. If Miami does wait until June 1st to release Suh then most NFL teams will have already made their bids/signed for big-name players leaving the Nebraska alum all for Dallas.