Dallas Cowboys: Should the Cowboys trade for Odell Beckham Jr?

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The Dallas Cowboys could be looking to make a big splash at the wide receiver position. But would they be willing to make a deal with the New York Giants?

Odell Beckham Jr is apparently available for trade. The Dallas Cowboys may have a big need for a wide receiver in the near future so should they consider what could be the biggest move of the last ten years? With Beckham, there is a lot of risks to be had, but also a lot of production.

No matter what you can say about the guy, you cannot talk about him without at least mentioning how productive he is. Over the last three seasons injuries and off/on field incidents have hampered some of that production but no nearly to the point it would other players. So should the Cowboys take quite possibly the biggest risk of the last decade?

The answer itself is complicated. I personally love the path the Dallas Cowboys are on in terms of acquiring wide receivers. Get some underrated and productive guys in free agency for a team friendly price, then set your sites on the draft and use at least one of your first three picks at the position, it makes a ton of sense.

Especially when you factor in the rampant Dez Bryant speculation that really has no basis in reality. Why would you release Bryant this year? Without an effective replacement?

The most likely option is to keep him and either re-work his deal, re-sign him, or have him play this year out with a massive cap hit and prepare for the 2019 offseason. The Cowboys have shown that they clearly do not want to be held hostage by Bryant, it is kind of curious why he would want that either.

I mean he has expressed wanting to be a Dallas Cowboy forever, yet not taking a pay cut or re-working his contract basically guarantees that does not happen. It seems likely the two sides would benefit the most by coming to some sort of agreement.

If that cannot happen though, the Cowboys will aggressively look for a new number one target for Dak Prescott. The price for Odell Beckham has been said to be two first round picks but that seems like a bit of bluster to me.

The New York Giants are in a bad place with Odell and realistically are losing the chance to re-sign him every day that goes by. He is the most productive receiver (besides Antonio Brown) and easily the best player on the Giants.

It seems unlikely that the Giants would want to send Odell to a divisional rival but if the price is right who knows. Beckham is one of the few players who could replace Dez Bryant exactly as he stands if not be a bit of an improvement. That’s not to say the team will not have to deal with all of Beckham’s antics but so be it.

The only way Beckham will also be traded is if he agrees to a new contract with any trade partner and his next contract could be one of the more complicated situations any general manager will likely face.

The Dallas Cowboys have already shown interest in Sammy Watkins so why not Odell? Beckham likely wants to be on the biggest stage possible and get some security, so why not come to the place where the spotlight shines the brightest? 

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If you think about it after a while, the Dallas Cowboys and Odell Beckham go together more than you would think. Even an offensive lineman may be enough to pry Beckham away from the Giants and with La’el Collins issues with finding a position along the line maybe a second round pick and Collins could be enough to send Beckham packing.

If this were to occur Dallas could immediately focus on drafting an offensive lineman and could potentially have the best team they’ve had in ages.

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