Dallas Cowboys: Top 10 Fullbacks of All-Time

17 Jul 1998: Fullback Daryl Johnston
17 Jul 1998: Fullback Daryl Johnston /
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TEMPE, AZ – AUGUST 9: Fullback Jamar Martin
TEMPE, AZ – AUGUST 9: Fullback Jamar Martin /

The Dallas Cowboys recently traded for a player whose position catches the attention of maybe six people. Believe it or not, the Fullback used to be a vital part of a football team.

If you have not heard the news, and you are not alone, the Dallas Cowboys traded away a fifth-round pick to the Oakland Raiders for Jamize Olawale and a sixth-round pick.

Our own Reid Hanson wrote a great article on what his position will mean to the team and you should check it out!

Unfortunately, he is one of the few people who care. As most of you know, the fullback is not a prime position in the NFL today. Teams regard it as scrap parts and usually convert them from third-string halfbacks and tight ends.

However, the fullback has played an important role in the NFL’s history. Marion Motley, Bronko Nagurski, Larry Csonka, among others are all fullbacks enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Even Jim Brown was a fullback! That should tell you how much of an impact they used to play.

Over the years, the fullback has lost its presence. As the game has evolved into more of a passing game, teams do not have the need for a bulky bruiser in the backfield.

The Cowboys are no exception. It has been a long time since the team has had a substantial fullback. They have, however, had some amazing talents in the FB position.

So today, we honor the fullback with the Top 10 Dallas Cowboys fullbacks of all-time.