Dallas Cowboys: What if Dallas traded for Odell Beckham Jr?

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The Dallas Cowboys rarely make trades, but what if the Cowboys made a blockbuster trade for an elite wide receiver who is having some issues in New York?

When was the last time the Dallas Cowboys made a trade? I’m sorry, let me rephase that question.

When was the last time the Cowboys made a blockbuster trade? A trade that uplifted the franchise into a Super Bowl powerhouse?

Well, we’d have to go way back, like almost 30 years when the Cowboys last made a blockbuster trade that yielded them three Lombardi trophies in a four-year span.

That was in 1989 when then-rookie head coach Jimmy Johnson pulled off the biggest trade in sports history.

Johnson traded the Cowboys best player-former Heisman trophy winner and Pro Bowler- Herschel Walker to the Minnesota Vikings for a boatload of draft picks. Those highly valuable draft picks were the reason why the Dallas Cowboys won three Super Bowls, becoming a dynasty.

Since so many teams are making trades to “win a Super Bowl now” rather than later-like the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles-why isn’t the Cowboys making a trade?

But what if the Cowboys shocked the world and made a blockbuster trade for Odell Beckham?

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. I’ve lost my mind by asking such a stupid question and need be tested for drugs immediately.

I’m not saying the Cowboys should trade for public enemy number one, OBJ, Jr. Because I don’t think they should trade for him at all!

But what if ole Jerry Jones had a flashback and decided to pull the trigger on such a move? Before bashing me, let’s explore the possibility of it happening (besides, it’s just a thought).

The benefits are numerous, but Ole Jerry loves flashy and talented ultra-talented players like OBJ, Jr. (think of Deion Sanders). And if you think Jerry isn’t thinking about trading for OBJ, Jr or if you don’t think he will, then you don’t know Jerry and what he’s capable of doing (look at how he’s ran this franchise).

Cowboys no longer have a number one wide receiver

Nobody in Cowboysnation thought 2014 would be the last time they witnessed the greatness of Dez Bryant. The sad truth is Dez is no longer the dominant receiver that commanded double teams and destroyed opposing defensive backs.

Dez is a shell of himself and is more of a liability than a savvy veteran that can still make plays when needed. Simply put, Dez has become an average receiver who can be manhandled by mediocre corners.

I know the Cowboys just signed wide receivers Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson to their receiving corps, but Hurns isn’t better than Dez, only has better hands.

But what if the Cowboys traded Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, a 2018 second round pick to the evil New York Giants for OBJ? Or traded this year’s first-round pick, Williams, and Ryan Switzer for OBJ.

And in the process, the Cowboys would receive the Giants 2018 third round pick.

Or Dallas can give the Giants just a first rounder and third rounder and call it the day.

So Dallas’ receiving corps would consist of OBJ, Cole Beasley, Hurns, and Thompson. Then the Cowboys could still offer Dez a pay cut, release him or seek a trade partner, which would garner more draft picks.

Regardless, the Cowboys would have one of the best if not the best receiver in the NFL paired with two deep threats, and one of the best slot receivers in the league.

The benefits of OBJ, Jr.

In return, Dallas will no longer have a sub-par receiver in Dez, his huge salary cap, and the inconsistent play of Williams.

With OBJ, Dallas will have a receiver who will command double teams, resulting in opposing defenses picking their poison. They can opt to stop the running game with Ezekiel Elliott or stop Beckham.

It’ll allow quarterback Dak Prescott to take more chances downfield with OBJ. The All-Pro can score a touchdown, make a spectacular catch for a lot of yardage or have a corner pick up a pass interference call for trying to cover OBJ.

The benefits are numerous, but Ole Jerry loves flashy and talented ultra-talented players like OBJ (think of Deion Sanders). And if you think Jerry isn’t thinking about trading for Beckham or if you don’t think he will, then you don’t know Jerry and what he’s capable of doing (look at how he’s ran this franchise).

Although Jerry has been below average as a General Manager, he knows what sells and what type of player that can help him win a Super Bowl.

Can you imagine OBJ wearing a star on his helmet? No, I can’t imagine it, but Jerry can, and if he can, then it’s a possibility.

The cons of trading for OBJ, Jr.

The New York Giants are asking for two first-round draft picks for OBJ. The Giants are sending a message that if you want OBJ, Jr, it’s going to cost you.

However, the Giants are seeing if any team will be that stupid to make that trade, but the Giants will definitely take a first and third for OBJ, Jr. Those are day one starters.

One negative is Beckham might be facing a suspension because of a video of him and woman in a hotel room allegedly doing some bad things. That means if Dallas were to trade for OBJ, Jr., he could face a suspension from Dictator Roger Goodell for violating the NFL substance abuse policy.

Or Goodell could suspend Beckham because he’s tarnishing the image of the shield. And we all know too well how Goodell loves to suspend players who tarnish the shield, especially when there is minimum proof.

Odell wants to be paid $20 million a year, making him the highest paid receiver in the NFL. Right now, OBJ will be making $8.5 million, since the Giants picked up the fifth-year option on his rookie contract.

Dallas just put the franchise tag on defensive end Demarcus Lawrence and are in the process of negotiating a long-term contract with All-Pro guard Zack Martin. So where would the money come from?

Further, OBJ supposedly is a locker room cancer, and that’s a negative this team doesn’t need. Then again, Jerry doesn’t care as long as OBJ scores touchdowns and can help him win a Super Bowl.

Besides, Jerry loves the troubled youth, the more personal issues a player has the better, especially if you’re an awesome player like OBJ.

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Can it happen?

Of course, it can happen if Jerry wants it to happen.

The Dallas Cowboys has a lot to offer with either a combination of players and draft picks or just draft picks.

And as much as the Giants are asking for OBJ, they’ll settle for a first and third rounder for their diva receiver or any other satisfactory package that’s offered.

Plus, the Dallas Cowboys have some leverage because OBJ, is coming off of an injury, has some behavioral issues, and could be facing a suspension. Translation: OBJ ain’t getting $20 million a year. But Jerry could still pay him a handsome sum of money.

I know Cowboys Nation thinks I’m delusional for writing this piece, but if it happens, it’ll be Jerry that’s delusional. And I’ll be the one who told you so.

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