Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft V4.1: Draft visits edition

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The Dallas Cowboys have almost held all of their pre-draft meetings. Here is a mock draft based on the players they have seemed to be interested in

As we are only a couple of days from the draft the Dallas Cowboys will be meeting with the last draft prospects on their list prior to the NFL’s biggest offseason event. While the Cowboys do not publish a list of all the players they have met with, information has leaked out to the point in which a little bit over 80 percent of the players they have met with are known to the public.

This does allow for some surprise selections to be possible however in this mock draft I tried to base my selections off of team needs, pre-draft meetings, private workouts, and players who attended Dallas Day.

The Cowboys can be very flexible in terms of who they draft as typically they have approached things with a “best player available” approach. The players who were the highest on my draft board in each round had either met with the Cowboys twice or more and would help them fill a specific need, so obviously trading up for Saquon Barkley is off the table.

Linebacker, wide receiver, offensive linemen, and safety all really dominate the needs for Dallas heading into 2018 and those are the players I have focused on. I do have the Cowboys trading up in the second round which saw them lose a fourth and a sixth pick but other than that, stuck with the picks Dallas already had.

I have a pretty strong feeling trading back into the first round or trading up in the second are pretty much the two moves that make the most sense as of right now. Trading up in the first round would be too expensive and would contradict what the Cowboys hope to accomplish in the draft, adding depth.

The wide receiver position is incredibly important this year but so is restocking the linebacking corps and finding a dependable offensive lineman all within the first four picks. Can the Dallas Cowboys achieve this? Let’s take a look.