Dallas Cowboys: No trouble for Cowboys this year


The Dallas Cowboys made massive changes to their receiving corps, added depth in key areas, and overall is a very young team. This team will not be in trouble next season instead they could be a force to be reckoned with.

The Dallas Cowboys will be a different team next season, especially when it comes to its receiving corps. They released all-time touchdown reception leader Dez Bryant this past offseason, and tight end/future Hall of Famer Jason Witten retired unexpectedly.

Furthermore, the Cowboys signed free agent wide receivers Allen Hurns, Deonte Thompson, traded for Tavon Austin, and drafted wideouts Michael Gallup and Cedric Wilson. The two rookies join an already stacked receiving corps with Cole Beasley, Noah Brown, and Mr. Inconsistent Terrance Williams.

Although the Dallas Cowboys receiving corps is seen as an unknown group next season, site expert Reid Hanson believes this is one reason why the Cowboys may be in trouble next season.

On the other hand, I slightly disagree with young man Reid’s prediction about the Cowboys being in trouble in 2018. I believe the Dallas Cowboys will not be in trouble next season.

In fact, I believe the Cowboys will be successful and shock the NFL like they did in 2016 when a young rookie signal caller was at the helm. I’ll use the same examples Reid used to explain why the Cowboys will be a really good team next season.


According to Reid, and since the Dallas Cowboys have a new cast of receivers, he believes this could spell trouble because none of the newcomers have a rapport with Dak Prescott. Add that there is no number one receiving threat, it appears Dallas is headed for a rocky road when it comes to its receivers.

I think that the Dallas Cowboys receiving corps will be one of their greatest strengths, or overachieve/exceed the low expectations heaped upon them. Although Dallas doesn’t have the proverbial “number one receiver” on the roster, they have receivers with good hands, run good routes, knows the entire route tree, can create separation, and has the speed to create separation.

All of the Dallas Cowboys receivers have at least one of those much-needed traits as a receiver. Noah Brown is one hell of a blocker, a valuable asset that helps the Cowboys vaunted running game.

Allen Hurns has blazing speed, good size (6’3, 205lbs), runs good routes and he’s versatile. Hurns can play both the slot or on the outside and can beat corners in man coverage. Before injuries, Hurns recorded 10 touchdowns, averaged 16.1 yards a reception, 1031 receiving yards, and 64 receptions in 2015.

In the last two seasons, Hurns has been limited because of injuries. But if Hurns can stay healthy, along with the rest of the receivers, the Dallas passing attack will be legit and will benefit from the Cowboys dominant ground game.

When opposing defenses stack the box, Dak will have receivers who can actually catch the ball (except for Williams) with their hands and make the defenses pay for putting eight men in the box.

To put this in perspective, Dak has never played with a number one receiver. Dez was a shell of himself as an All-Pro receiver when Prescott became the Cowboys quarterback. Therefore, Dak will at least play with a unit of receivers who can catch and run better routes than Dez.

I’m the biggest Dez fan you’ll ever meet, but Bryant’s lack of production/temperament/behavior is why Dallas moved on from him. As a result, it was easy for the Cowboys front office to sign players like Hurns and Deonte Thompson.

Dallas doesn’t need their receivers to be Pro Bowlers. They just need the receivers to give Dak enough production to complement the high powered rushing attack of Ezekiel Elliott.

Plus, I expect Beasley to bounce back from a sub-par season and regain his status as one of the best slot receivers in the game. Yes, Beasley was doubled frequently last year, but that was due to Dez’s inability to beat man coverage.

Trust me, opposing defenses cannot duplicate that scheme when the rest of Dallas’ receivers are effectively beating man coverage. When that happens, let’s just say Mr. Beasley will have a field day each and every Sunday afternoon.

Speaking of Beasley, the diminutive wideout will definitely be one of Dak’s favorite targets/safety valves next season since Witten has retired. Which brings me to my next point…

Tight end

Witten’s leadership and experience will be missed and is beyond irreplaceable. But his production and lack of speed won’t be missed. I’m not taking a shot at one of my favorite players to ever wear the “star”. I am just being honest about Witten’s skill set towards the end of his career.

Dallas is well equipped to replace Witten’s production with Rico Gathers, Geoff Swaim, Blake Jarwin and rookie Dalton Shultz. The key word is “production”.

In his article, Reid stated, “who in tarnation is Dak Prescott going to throw to on 3rd and 4 with the defense pressing the safety in the box?”

Well…Reid, Dak will probably throw it to one of his tight ends, receivers, to Zeke, or use the run-pass option. Whatever the scenario, Dak will utilize one of his options to keep the chains moving.

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One of the main reasons Dallas will have a successful season is because Dak, Zeke, and head coach Jason Garrett all have something to prove if they want to remain in Dallas.

Dak wants to be the Cowboys franchise quarterback for years to come. In order to do that, Dak has to ball out like he is Hall of Fame worthy. Dak understands that this is his team, and its “Dak friendly”, meaning he has everything he needs to succeed.

Zeke wants to reclaim the NFL’s rushing title, wants to win a Super Bowl, and get a sizeable next contract like his friend Dak.

Garrett is on a hot seat that is hotter than hell itself. Mr. Clapper himself knows he better win next season if he wants to remain the most tenured coach since Tom Landry. Jerry Jones has been more than patient with Garrett as he compiled a mediocre record as a head coach.

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Garrett revamped his staff and is the primary reason Dez is gone. With Garrett having his way, he will coach like his life depends on it. With that type of motivation, Dallas won’t have any trouble next season.