Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant wants to join the 49ers?

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The Dallas Cowboys former wide receiver Dez Bryant will likely be looking for a one year prove it deal with another team over the next few months.

The Dallas Cowboys former number one wide receiver, Dez Bryant recently alluded to the prospect of joining the San Francisco 49ers. He quickly deleted the comment however it is interesting that Bryant seems to have some sort of preference to where he lands.

In the beginning, he only wanted to join an NFC East foe now he seems to be looking at any Cowboys foe/ potentially any team in the NFL. I do not think that anyone truly believes he will not have a new home by the time Week One rolls around. Bryant to the 49ers makes sense in some sense as that offense could use a veteran receiver however it would take some time to develop chemistry and we are basically in June.

Bryant’s free agency period has been a rocky one, to say the least. The Baltimore Ravens appeared to want to pay him more money than anyone has offered him so far, and he turned that deal down. Bryant seemingly wants a one year prove it deal, but he is missing the biggest point of this whole process, it can’t be about what he wants.

Bryant was a great Cowboy for a very long time, however what he wants and how he goes about obtaining his desires is a large part of the reason for his release. Dez has always been a handful even when he was in good spirits but how he went about getting the things he desired, more snaps, more adulation, more money, got worse and worse over time.

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The Amazon series All or Nothing: the Dallas Cowboys, highlights a lot of the issues that Bryant brought to the table. Sure you want your players to have heart, desire and the passion to win but it is absolutely mind-boggling how over emotional Bryant got in several situations.

There were instances with the coaching staff, players, and media alike that were fairly troubling but more importantly it shows a lack of awareness from Bryant himself. If Dez was the player he claimed to be (still a number one option, still elite, and still a top-five wide receiver in the NFL) then he could have as many outbursts as he wanted because he would help his team win football games.

For example look at Odell Beckham, sure he does not have a new deal right now, but he is setting himself up to be one of the top paid free agents whenever he decides to test the market. Sure does he come with red flags, of course, but his production outweighs the negative.

Bryant at several times in 2017 lost games for the Cowboys. A mixture of bobbled balls and lack of separation was not met with more focus from Bryant but the opposite. He got more frustrated, more aloof, and more unpredictable in every aspect of his play.

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Since his release, he has spurned the Baltimore Ravens by not accepting their $20+ million offer, had the entire NFC East pass on him, and has been loosely linked to the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, and Denver Broncos. It will be interesting to see what exactly it will take to sign Bryant and just how many teams are actually in the market for him.