Dallas Cowboys: What Saves Jason Garrett

With the Dallas Cowboys getting ready to start training camp in a month, and many feeling Jason Garrett is on the “hot seat”, what will it take for him to keep his job.

When it comes to Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys, there are a lot of fans that feel Garrett should have already been gone (I am one of those), some feel he is on the “hot seat” this season, and even others think he is an outstanding coach. With many positions coaches replaced this offseason, many feel this is a sign. Another bad season and Jason Garrett will be gone.

Before we get to what it will take for Jason Garrett to keep his job, let’s look at the fact he may keep it anyway. It is no secret Jerry Jones loves Garrett. In past seasons, when Garrett probably should have been fired, there were always “reasons.” Sometimes it was injuries, suspensions, new players, the process wasn’t finished, always a reason.

So, in fact, Garrett may be safe for another year. First, there are a bunch of new coordinators. Second, there is at least one suspension so far. Lastly, we haven’t seen any injuries yet. Would it surprise anyone if Jerry were to keep Garrett over any of these things? Scott Linehan may be the fall guy, not Garrett.

Beyond all of this, if we look at it as Garrett must do something to keep his job, then let’s look at that on the face value. Another 8-8 record and missed playoffs, should force Jerry’s hand and look for a new head coach. Anything less, it should be a certainty Garrett is out on the streets, baring anything above as a reason.

What if Jason Garrett has this team go 9-7 or 10-6, make the playoffs, then lose their first game? Well, while it probably should signal the end of Garrett, it probably wouldn’t. Depending on circumstances of the game and injuries, Jerry would probably keep Garrett. If it is an ugly loss, then maybe Garrett does in fact go.

So let’s roll it back to 2016, and say the Cowboys win the NFC East and get a first-round bye. Say they do that and lose their first game, I wouldn’t hesitate to get rid of Garrett, but that would almost assure him of keeping his job. So that might be the line.

In order for Garrett to keep his job without a doubt, he should not only make the playoffs but win at least a game. That would keep Garrett in his job for another season, possibly more. He is at the point in his career, he needs to show his process, is working and viable, on a consistent basis.

Good coaches wouldn’t have made the mistakes he made last season in the Falcons game. Good coaches would overcome injuries. Good coaches wouldn’t make the same clock management mistakes year after year. And good coaches would not have the same basic playcalling for most of their tenure. Say what you want, but the Dallas Cowboys have been predictable for a while now.

Jerry loves Jason, and Jason is the perfect coach for an owner like Jerry. While we could be looking at a new head coach next season, Jason controls his destiny. It’s simple really. Win and you stay, lose and you are looking for a new job. At least, that is how it should be, but we all know Jerry doesn’t always do what should be done, he does it how he wants it to be done.