Dallas Cowboys: Five reasons Dak Prescott will be GREAT in 2018

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 19: Dak Prescott /
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ARLINGTON, TX – NOVEMBER 19: Dak Prescott /

Dallas Cowboys fans should expect big things from Dak Prescott this season because Dallas fixed his biggest problems – here are five reasons he’ll be great in’18.

It’s understandable why some are worried about how Dak Prescott will play for the Dallas Cowboys this season. After putting together arguably the best first 24 games of a quarterback’s career, Dak played downright terrible the last eight games of the season.

Pessimists will say he was exposed and the league has figured him out. Optimists will say it was a blip on the radar and much to do about nothing – Leaving the realists among us searching for reliable indicators as we sift through the mass hysteria and confident extremism.

Personally devoted to being an “optimistic realist” (whatever the crap that is), I believe I’ve found plenty of reasons to be positive about Dak Prescott this upcoming season. And most of that positivity comes from the realization the Dallas Cowboys fixed Dak Prescott’s biggest problems.

Leave the extremism at the door

We have to clear a couple things first: Dak was nothing short of great in season one when the Cowboys went 13-3. In year two, he was pretty darn good in games 1-8 when the offense averaged 28.25 points per game. And he was plain old poor in games 9-16 when the Cowboys went 4-4 with the offense averaging only 16 points per game.

We can blame pass-protection, Zeke’s suspension, poor route running, and drops for the sudden decline. But if we’re being honest and fair, all of us know Dak deserves blame as well. Haters tend to give him too much blame. Apologists give him too little blame. Let’s meet in the middle.

Accepting that some of this falls on him, we can see the Dallas Cowboys did just about all they could to fix the other issues standing in his way.