Cowboys Chat: Trade Rico? – Crawford inside?

Tyrone Crawford #98. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Tyrone Crawford #98. (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images) /

In this Cowboys Chat, we look at some burning topics, not named Earl Thomas, that are on the front burners for the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are deep into training camp and ready to start making moves to solidify their roster. Building a Final 53 is never an easy thing, whether you’re the favorite to win a Super Bowl or the favorite to land the first pick in the draft.

The Cowboys front office and coaching staff is busy assessing who fits where and what’s in the best interest of the club in both the short and long term. Is it purely time to win now or can some project players be retained?  Which brings us to our first question…

If Rico Gathers doesn’t make the team can Dallas trade him?

My 53-man roster projection comes out on Friday and Rico Gathers is sitting right on the bubble. All indications from The Star are that he’s on the outside looking in. I discussed Rico this morning pointing out that I believe Garrett would have no problem keeping if he proved to be either a reliable blocker OR receiver.

He’s simply not either. Rico is good in one-on-one jump balls but he appears to misread coverage often and can’t be relied on to run the correct route based on the defense. BUT… He’s a tremendous talent that’s hard to ignore.

NFL teams have seen his highlights and may think they are the ones who can tap his true potential. Because of that, he has value in this league as a trade option. It’s not out of the realm of possibility he could be moved for an OT3 or OT4 (someone to replace Chaz Green and challenge Cam Fleming).

Since Cincy just saw, first-hand, what Rico can do, maybe they’d be willing to invest in the former Baylor basketball player. I’ve been saying it for weeks now but Tyler Eifert may be available and perhaps sending Rico and a fifth rounder could get the deal done. Cincy has some nice TEs that can win now and Eifert is always hurt. He’s also a former Pro Bowler and possibly worth the gamble for a team like Dallas who doesn’t have a true TE1.

Wouldn’t the Cowboys be at their best with Crawford playing 3-tech and Gregory starting at RDE ?

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This would be their best in pass-rushing situations for sure but every down? I’m not so sure. Yet they appear to be doing it anyway. I’ve been speaking out against moving Crawford inside all offseason. The Cowboys had him cut significant weight so he can focus on DE. To move him now would be doing him and this team a disservice.

Remember, Craw was moved to starting RDE because the Cowboys were getting gashed against the run. If Gregory mans that spot fulltime, that’s likely to happen again. And at a reduced weight, Craw would get pushed around inside making both positions weaker against the run.

Craw should play 3-tech while Irving is suspended but only on nickel. I’d have Maliek Collins play it the rest of the time. If you recall, Collins was among the best in the NFL at 3-tech and only regressed when he was moved to 1-tech. With Brian Price and Antwuan Woods holding down the 1-tech, there’s no reason not to move Collins.

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The defensive line rotation will likely be an ever-changing thing this preseason and regular season. I don’t imagine things settling until Week 6 or so.

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