Dallas Cowboys: Let’s Give Credit Where It’s Due

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After a week of hearing how the Dallas Cowboys’ offense was terrible, they right the ship and produce their best offensive output this season

Before the game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions, many felt as though the Cowboys couldn’t muster enough on offense to win this game. The playcalling, the quarterback, the receivers, the coach, none of it was safe from scrutiny. Then the Dallas Cowboys came back to win against the Detroit Lions, and while all is not great, the offense was good enough, and looked better.

So before I get slammed for what I am about to say, this is not an indictment on Dak Prescott and more of a praise for who and what was responsible for the Cowboys win. This offense goes not as Dak Prescott goes, but as Ezekiel Elliott goes. This is not an offense in which many will say Dak is the main cog, but rather, this offense centers on Elliott.

This isn’t a bad thing really. It plays to the strengths of Dak so that he can play to his best capabilities. Having Dak sit in a pocket, reading and diagnosing a defense, making the proper play call and adjustment, and then trying to pass is not what will allow Dallas win games. Instead, it is about play-action, zone read, and RPO – getting Dak out of the pocket with the threat of running. It forces the defense to have to decide to crash down on him and let him pass to the now open receiver, or use his legs to punish the defense. But it all starts with Zeke.

Zeke is the most dynamic player on offense. Teams have to account for him at all times, whether it is a hand off, as a receiver, or even as a decoy. Teams have to commit to Zeke. When he gets the ball and is gaining yards against a defense, it opens up what Dak can do. If Linehan can remain consistent enough to use Zeke the way he needs to be used, then he can use Dak as he needs to be used.

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This was not a perfect outing. The wide receivers dropped passes, Dak made some poor throws and shaky decisions, the offensive line had some lapsed moments, and there are still some stupid mental mistakes at times. The one thing that was a constant on was Elliott. He was everywhere on offense, and his effort is why the Cowboys were able to win this game.

Scott Linehan and Dak Prescott do get some credit for sure. They both need to be more consistent before many come around, but this was a good start. Linehan and Garrett can’t expect Dak to become Tony Romo, they aren’t the same player nor do they have similar skills. If they can evolve then this season isn’t lost. The Cowboys have a long way to go to be a serious contender, but they have to start somewhere.

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For the time being, Ezekiel Elliott is the key to this offense. Without him, this offense is not going to threaten anyone. It could be a long season, but as long as Elliott is playing, the offense should have a shot. Someone else will have to step up at some point, but giving where credit is due, Ezekiel Elliott deserves most of it.

  • Published on 10/02/2018 at 17:01 PM
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