Dallas Cowboys: Cowboys need to bring back Dez

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After watching the Dallas Cowboys defeat the Detroit Lions on Sunday, it’s clear this team needs to bring back one of its better players.

The Dallas Cowboys clinched a much-needed victory against the Detroit Lions on Sunday in a game that was won because of a walk-off-field goal in the final seconds.

It was another typical Cowboys win that had you gasping for air, holding onto the edge of your couch, cursing at the television, and the ebb and flow of the game had you consuming beer nonstop (I know I did..ha ha).

But like several Cowboys’ games under head coach Jason Garrett‘s tenure, the games are close because of a lack of coaching, in-game adjustments, poor execution, not seizing the opportunity when it presents itself or dropping crucial passes.

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The dropped passes displays to me a scenario the Cowboys must consider immediately. This team needs to re-sign former Pro Bowler Dez Bryant. Period. End of discussion.

There’s nothing more to debate here.

After watching all four of Dallas’ games this season, its very clear that the wide receivers’ unit is struggling badly, and could be the team’s weakest link. In fact, Dallas’ receivers rank close to last in the entire league. I’m not surprised at all.

In the Lions game, Dallas’ receivers dropped several balls that played a significant role in why the game was so close to begin with. A prime example is number four throwing a precise pass to wideout Tavon Austin that was dropped. Dak Prescott threw the perfect pass that landed in Austin’s hands, but instead of hauling it in, the speedster allowed the Lions’ defensive back to knock it out.

Instead of a sure touchdown, Dallas settled for a mediocre field goal. On another play that should’ve been a sure-fire touchdown, tight end Rico Gathers misjudged a fade route in the end zone.

Dak threw a nice spiral, but the two were not on the same page because Rico mistimed his jump badly. In order to win games, those balls have to be caught.

There were other passes dropped by Allen Hurns and the sure handed, Cole Beasley that were precise passes that the receivers dropped. The dropped passes happened during the Seattle Seahawks game as well.

If Dallas had Dez, those are touchdowns, especially the jump balls in the end zone. Once Dallas is in the red zone, a back shoulder fade or a jump ball to Dez is 99.9 percent going to be a touchdown.

Besides Ezekiel Elliott and Dak, Dallas doesn’t have a home run threat to throw the ball to once inside the 20. This was proven time and time again against the Lions. Agree or disagree, but Zeke is the best receiver on Dallas’ roster.

If Dallas scores touchdowns instead of kicking field goals, more than likely they beat the Lions by a big margin and the game isn’t even close.

When I looked at the tape of the Seahawks game, two of Dak’s interceptions were the result of tip passes by either a receiver or tight end. Those were catchable balls that hurt Dallas.

To be fair, I’m beyond aware that Dez led the league in dropped passes last season, and that he was no longer the All-Pro we loved so dearly. But I do know that Dez is better than any receiver on Dallas’ team, and he would’ve been worth 14 points on Sunday.

I know Dez and the front office left on bad terms, especially when Dez criticized linebacker Sean Lee and Scott Linehan about being released. Why can’t Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones admit they made a grave mistake and bring Dez back?

Oh, and Dez stated on Twitter he prefers to play for Dallas.

Actually, Stephen should be the one to apologize to Dez since it was his grand idea to release him in the first place. Further, the media and Cowboys Nation can criticize Dak until the cows come home about his accuracy and other quarterback issues, but until this team gets better at the wide receiver position, they’re going to struggle.

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The game against the Lions has more than proved it. So Jerry, invite Dez over for dinner and have Stephen apologize for not having capable receivers to replace Dallas’ All-time touchdown reception leader.

And Cowboys Nation will be patiently waiting.

  • Published on 10/04/2018 at 12:00 PM
  • Last updated at 10/04/2018 at 04:13 AM