Dallas Cowboys: Finally, Cowboys made an upgrade

NASHVILLE, TN- SEPTEMBER 10: Wide receiver Amari Cooper #89 of the Oakland Raiders makes a catch against the Tennessee Titans in the second half at Nissan Stadium on September 10, 2017 In Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) )
NASHVILLE, TN- SEPTEMBER 10: Wide receiver Amari Cooper #89 of the Oakland Raiders makes a catch against the Tennessee Titans in the second half at Nissan Stadium on September 10, 2017 In Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) ) /

The Dallas Cowboys receiving corps were one of the worse in the league, so the front office did the unbelievable and traded for a two time Pro Bowl receiver.

For several weeks, the Dallas Cowboys were rumored to trade for Seattle Seahawks All-Pro Safety Earl Thomas. The Cowboys offered up a second rounder to their NFC West counterparts, but the Seahawks wanted a first rounder and nothing less.

But once Thomas suffered a lower leg fracture against the Arizona Cardinals, all bets were off and the Cowboys were back to square one in terms of trading for a valuable player. Outside of Thomas, who else could the Cowboys trade for that would immediately improve the offense or defense?

The Cowboys missed out on All-Pro Khalil Mack, and out of nowhere Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones shocked the world and traded for Oakland Raiders former two- time Pro Bowl wide receiver Amari Cooper.

So finally, America’s Team made a major move to upgrade their receiving corps and increase their chances of winning the division and making the playoffs. Dallas needed a player of Cooper’s caliber like I need a razor to shave my bald head.

It’s was a necessity. Period.

Outside of wide receivers Cole Beasley and rookie Michael Gallup, Dallas’ receivers as a group were one of the worse in the league. Sad to say but receivers Allen Hurns, Deonte Thompson and the now suspended Terrance Williams play has been pretty mediocre.

The stale play of Dallas’ receivers is one of the reasons (the primary reason is Jason Garrett) why this team is sitting at 3-4, and why quarterback Dak Prescott is struggling, along with Ezekiel Elliott is facing eight and nine-man fronts.

With bad receiver play, Dallas’ receivers rank 29th in the league and 28th overall in offense. Dallas needed an upgrade and pulled the trigger and traded for Cooper. The former Crimson Tide player is an athlete with tremendous upside and has youth on his side.

Throw away Cooper’s performances over the last year and in half while wearing the silver and black in Oakland, but look at how dynamic of a player he was in his first two years in the NFL.

In Cooper’s first two seasons with the Raiders, the talented receiver made two Pro Bowls while solidifying himself as one of the best up and coming receivers in the game. In Cooper’s rookie season, he caught 72 passes for 1,070 yards, six touchdowns, averaging 14.9 receiving yards per catch, and his longest touchdown was 68 yards.

Cooper would duplicate the success of this rookie campaign when he hauled in 83 receptions for 1,153 yards, five touchdowns, and averaged 13.9 receiving yards per catch. The kid was on fire and made ESPN’s highlight reel on a regular basis (Go to Youtube and watch Cooper’s highlights).

Cooper’s last year and a half aren’t as impressive for an unknown reason. However, in 2017, Cooper did score seven touchdowns on 48 receptions, average 14.2 receiving yards and had an 87-yard touchdown to highlight his down year.

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Through six games this season, Cooper has 22 receptions for 280 yards and one touchdown. That’s not outstanding numbers by any stretch good, but I don’t blame Cooper’s regression on athleticism as much as I blame new head coach Jon Gruden and the dysfunctionality of the Raiders organization.

Simply put, a young, athletic player of Cooper’s ilk numbers don’t drop because of a lack of talent or because his skills are eroding and he’s a healthy 24-year old stud.

Come on now, Cooper isn’t even an injury prone player, so that alone lets you know his regression was a lethal combination of the culture and coaching in Oakland. A change of scenery is what Cooper needed more than anything.

I’m not making excuses for Cooper because he’s dropped several passes over the last two seasons, but that’s a correctable issue. Similar to how Dallas traded for Cooper to correct the offense’s woeful receiving game.

Further, Dallas is banking on Cooper playing like the franchise wideout of his first two seasons with a ceiling as high as the sky.

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Cooper will help jump-start the Dallas Cowboys offense and will give Dak a legit #1 receiver, allow Beasley and Gallup to beat man coverage. This should help Zeke make plays because he will no longer face eight and nine men in the box.

If this pans out, the Dallas Cowboys can ball out like they did back in 2016 when they went 13-3, won the NFC East and received a first-round bye.

That’s what a major upgrade like Cooper will do for your team. Period.

  • Published on 11/01/2018 at 17:00 PM
  • Last updated at 11/01/2018 at 11:59 AM