Dallas Cowboys: What did we learn in Week Nine?

ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 05: Head coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys gestures in the fourth quarter of a game against the Tennessee Titans at AT&T Stadium on November 5, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TX - NOVEMBER 05: Head coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys gestures in the fourth quarter of a game against the Tennessee Titans at AT&T Stadium on November 5, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys fell to the Tennessee Titans for several reasons. Here are all the important ones you need to know following the Week Nine contest.

Well, that was hard to watch. The Dallas Cowboys fell victim to their own hubris as they seemingly counted their chickens before they hatched. A lot of what went wrong on the field, mirrored what happened after the game as Jerry Jones proclaimed that Dak Prescott was indeed this franchise’s quarterback moving forward.

There seems to be a certainty about what this football team is even though a few people in this organization may be on different wavelengths, but more on that later. For now, let’s review what exactly happened on Sunday.

The Dallas Cowboys got beat by a more desperate team
At the end of the day, that is what happened. The Cowboys felt as if this win should be gifted to them, their swagger versus the seriousness of the Titans team made me feel uneasy prior to kickoff. You know why?

Because this was a trap game, and Dallas fell right into it. Usually, against an opponent of this caliber, the Cowboys can play sloppy and get it done, that simply was not the case. The Dallas Cowboys quarterback (more on him later) made some pretty baffling decisions with the football and looked sloppy throughout this contest.

The Titans came out fast and they truly have one of the leagues best defenses, so stopping the Cowboys anemic offense was fairly easy.

When you look at the NFC East and the AFC South they are completely different animals. The AFC South is awful however the Houston Texans would have started to build a substantial lead within the division if the Titans dropped that contest.

Dallas, for the most part, would remain exactly where they are and that is exactly why this was a trap game. The Dallas Cowboys weren’t playing for anything, not their jobs, not the fans, nothing but the hype, and that is why they did not have the heart to pull it out.

Job Security
Is not to be taken lightly. The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff should feel this loss during the offseason, because how do you not clean house after this debacle. And yes, losing to the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football is exactly that, a debacle.

Offensive coordinator and head coach both need to be out of the door as far as I’m concerned. What exactly has Jason Garrett done to show he has the expertise to pick out the “right kind of guys” for this football club? He played with Troy Aikman and was coached by Jimmy Johnson?

Who says that Garrett knows what he is doing…..seriously who has said that? Now the trope that he is Jerry Jones’s lap dog is a bit too far for me but the guy has done nothing to keep his job.

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One playoff win during his tenure pretty much confirms that. There are some coaches you play for, players die to play for, Jason “clappy hands” Garrett is not one of them.

He is just a guy like Blake Bortles or C.J. Beathard and most importantly he is a backup quarterback at heart. Think about this, the Dallas Cowboys franchise quarterback is being developed by two backup quarterbacks, now does that seem like a mistake?

Of course, as they have no idea what you should expect and what you need to be great players. Garrett as a coach could work somewhere in which there is already locker room leaders in place not on a team that is developing their franchise quarterback.

Kellen Moore just shouldn’t be a quarterbacks coach this early on in his coaching career, I mean the guy was in the NFL for ten seconds, how can he know what it means to be great at the level?

Simple answer, they both don’t, they know what it takes to get by but that’s about it. Think about it, Dak Prescott went from having all of the promise in the world by having the best rookie season ever to being a glorified backup in a bland offense. Check downs don’t win championships and neither does mediocrity.

If you want players to be great, then bring in an example of greatness. We saw what affect Connor McGregor had on this football club and he just got his butt whipped by Khabib. Imagine if Tony Romo or Troy Aikman were ever to get into coaching, developing Dallas quarterbacks would be perfect roles for them.

But I digress, the main point here is that a bad quarterback cannot develop a good quarterback, simple as that. We have seen it as Dak’s play has diminished the longer he has been around Garrett and Moore. But speaking of Dak.

Dak Prescott
Many people think he had a terrible night on Monday, not true, he threw for multiple touchdown passes so that’s something right? Wrong, Dak’s play on Sunday is symptomatic of the bigger problem going on in Dallas mass mediocrity. Much like mass hysteria, mass mediocrity affects a lot of people at once until you can discover the source.

The source for the Dallas Cowboys woes are Jason Garrett and Kellen Moore, look no further than that. Jerry Jones needs some outside guys getting a look and a feel for Prescott to see if he is the real deal. Any more time under Garrett and Moore will simply waste his time and precious developmental years.

Prescott has played like a backup in the pros and that is simply because that is all he knows. If a quarterback who actually threw the football down the field was developing him and sharing his wisdom he would be a lot better off than listening to Mark Sanchez (in 2016), Moore, and Garrett.

Is any of that an excuse for Prescott’s play, why yes it is, and you know what that may not be a bad thing. The Dallas Cowboys need to reload their offensive line as players are getting older and wear and tear continues to accumulate. Drafting a quarterback in 2019 would be impossible, and trading for one would be difficult as well.

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Prescott truly is the guy in this offense for the foreseeable future, let’s just hope that the future is without Garrett and Moore.

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