Dallas Cowboys: A sense of urgency is not enough

Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Ezekiel Elliott Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys won an important game on the road, beat a divisional foe in the Philadelphia Eagles, and kept their playoff hopes alive. But this team needs more…

The Dallas Cowboys beat the Philadelphia Eagles in a must win game that kept their division title hopes alive, and proved the Cowboys can win an important game when it matters the most.

From pro football analysts to the Cowboys’ haters, everyone was shocked to see the Cowboys go up to Lincoln Financial Field and beat their hated rival-those evil buzzards in the city of brotherly love.

As someone who has watched Dallas Cowboys games since I was four years old, I wasn’t surprised at all that the Cowboys beat the slumping and overrated Eagles. The Cowboys have a history of upsetting teams.

It was a must win game for the Cowboys, especially if they wanted to win the division and make a deep run into the playoffs. If the Cowboys had lost that game, more than likely their season ended and heads would’ve rolled. That means offensive Scott Linehan would’ve been fired immediately, and head coach Jason Garrett tenure would be on life support.

Being “must win” is the only reason why Dallas beat their divisional foe. If not for that, Dallas would’ve lost. Period.

Of course, you’re supposed to play to win the game, but sometimes a “must win game” doesn’t get the job done in the long term.

Therefore, Dallas having a sense of urgency to beat the Eagles is not enough. This Dallas team needs more desperation to keep winning. That alone is like is like putting a band aid on a shotgun wound.

Yes, it was a must win, but where in the hell was this motivation from the beginning of the season?

When did Garrett get the gumption to go for it on fourth down and two with a fake punt? Why didn’t Garrett have the intestinal fortitude to go for it on fourth down against the Houston Texans?

So let me get this scenario right. Garrett and Linehan coached the game of their life’s because their jobs depended on it, but they should be trusted to win games moving forward? So they should be trusted to win the division and not have another lackluster performance as coaches. I say no, absolutely not.

For starters, Garrett needs to fire Linehan and take over play calling duties, and use every ounce of offensive creativity at his disposal. Plus, Garrett should utilize Dak Prescott ‘s skill set and athleticism to his maximum his ability.

Or let Dak play to his strengths, like running the ball more with read options. Dak stands 6’3 and weighs 245 lbs. The man is big and can easily run over a smaller defensive back.

Further, Ezekiel Elliott had a field day against the Eagles defense, rushing for over 150 yards with one rushing touchdown and one receiving. Zeke rushed for 151 yards on 19 carries and averaged six yards a carry.

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If Zeke can run for 151 yards on 19 carries, imagine what damage he can do if he can run the ball 30 times a game. Basically, Garrett needs to make sure Zeke touches the ball at least 25 times a game, anything less is ridiculous and insane.

As good as the defense has been playing, this defense needs to create more turnovers and blitz as it did in previous games. I was beyond impressed with the play of Dallas’ defense as it made key stops throughout the game, but where was this stout defense the week when it faced the offensive challenged Tennessee Titans?

I’ll give Dallas credit for winning a game it needed to win to stay in the hunt for the NFC East crown. However, I liken Dallas’ victory to a misbehaved child receiving a reward for being well behaved only because it knew it was facing severe consequences for his/her actions.

Next. Unexpected win speak volumes about Garrett. dark

But what good is the reward if the child continues to misbehave?

So whats the point in Dallas having a sense of urgency to win an important game only to go back to its fatal flaws?

And that’s why a sense of urgency means nothing if its not sustainable.

  • Published on 11/15/2018 at 13:01 PM
  • Last updated at 11/15/2018 at 12:42 PM