Dallas Cowboys: It’s time for Cautious Optimism

Byron Jones #31 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Byron Jones #31 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

After two consecutive wins on the road and a face-off with a reeling Redskins team, there is cautious optimism surrounding the Dallas Cowboys.

I am going to speak in generalities about the Dallas Cowboys for a minute. Not every fan feels optimistic, cautious, negative, or any other feeling. Rather there is a general growing sentiment among fans, media, and pundits. The Dallas Cowboys could be in the driver’s seat for the NFC East if they beat the Redskins Thursday, however, history says we should all be cautious.

Yes, it is true, after a very up and down (a lot of down and a little up) first half of the season the Dallas Cowboys seem to have turned a corner. If history since Jason Garrett has been coach, and if we are being fair since Jimmy Johnson left, has taught us anything, it is to never expect anything. Ask most fans, and they will tell you the Cowboys seem to win a week, lose a week, win two, lose two.

However, looking at the Dallas Cowboys over the last two weeks, no one would have thought they would go into Philadelphia and then Atlanta and win both games. Now they head into a match-up against Washington on Thanksgiving. With the season ending injury to Alex Smith, the game looks very winnable. A three game win streak, first place in the NFC East, and a team gaining confidence are all possible. Yet, there is still cautious optimism.

Maybe its because of how for over twenty years there has been basically disappointment, heartbreak, and disaster. Whether it was bad play, bad coaching, bad management, or just bad luck, the Dallas Cowboys have not given fans a lot of hope. So when there looks to be hope, many are cautious, hopeful, but cautious.

In the last two games, the Dallas Cowboys have seen their offense starting to click a little, their defense go from good to almost great, and playcalling starting to improve. As I said at the start of the season, if the passing game can be just good enough, and the defense can be what we all think it can, this will be a hard out if they make it to the playoffs.

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Yes, there is still work to do. Which is why there is still caution mixed into the optimism. Jason Garrett is still making questionable time management decisions. Dak Prescott is still missing on some easy throws and not seeing the entire field. The secondary has a few holes and inconsistent play on the outside. The pass rush struggles at times. The offensive line still misses blocks and causes inconvenient pressure on Dak. And all-around there are penalties at critical times and boneheaded plays at others.

However, the Cowboys do not give up, no matter what the score. Dak is working within his skillset much better and looks more comfortable. Leighton Vander Esch looks like he is the real deal. Byron Jones is playing elite at one of the corner spots. When the pass rush is on, it is disruptive and scary. The run game is rolling and run blocking is looking so much better than it did early in the season.

However, until the Cowboys do it, I think a lot of fans don’t want to fully believe it. It isn’t they aren’t fans, “fake fans”, or any other asinine thought by some, but rather, jaded and don’t want to be crushed, again, if the Cowboys should fail. Many want the Cowboys to be great, they want Super Bowl champions, they want to believe. So cautiously and quietly fans are hopeful. With every win the voices will grow louder.

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Thursday will be yet another step for hope and excitement. The Cowboys are in a we will believe it when we see it mode with fans. They have earned it over the past twenty plus years. There is optimism, cautious, but optimism.

  • Published on 11/20/2018 at 13:27 PM
  • Last updated at 11/20/2018 at 13:27 PM