Dallas Cowboys The odds Kris Richard leaves Dallas

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Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys hottest young coach, Kris Richard, will be interviewing with multiple teams regarding their vacant head coach positions, putting his future in Dallas in serious doubt.

Of all of the additions the Dallas Cowboys made this past offseason, none sparked the fan base quite like the addition of Kris Richard. While much of that has to do with the Cowboys’ general inactivity in free agency, Richard’s fit and potential impact were hard to ignore

Richard’s energy and expertise appeared to be exactly what the Dallas Cowboys secondary needed. Groomed under Pete Carroll, who developed under the same coaching tree as Rod Marinelli (Monte Kiffin being the mentor), Richard proved to be the missing piece on this potentially dominant defense.

As we all know, success is often bittersweet when it comes to assistant coaches. That’s because when assistants shine, they often get poached from other teams for higher ranking positions. And that’s exactly where we’re at today with Kris Richard.

Starting today Richard starts his interview process. With at least three confirmed teams interviewing him, Richard has a fairly legitimate chance of getting a job offer elsewhere.

Defensive expertise

We also have to figure out whether or not these teams are looking for offensive-minded head coaching or defensive-minded head coaching. Richard is supposed to meet with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets, and the Miami Dolphins today.

Since Sam Darnold is the hope and future of the Jets, it’s likely they’ll go with an offensive-minded head coach now in Year 2 of the young signal caller. Miami and Tampa could go either direction since they each have more veteran QBs (albeit still needing polish), and defensive talent to mold.

They may legitimatly want him or It’s possible they are just kicking the tires and hoping to lure him as a cordinator (since he’s technically not even that in Dallas). But since the Dallas Cowboys can refuse any job offer other than head coach, the chances of him leaving for anything other than head coach is slim-to-nothing.

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Now or never?

Last we have to assess Kris Richard’s eagerness. With only 32 professional head coaching jobs available in the NFL, you generally take the opportunity when you get it. But it’s not unheard of to be picky and refrain from jumping at just any offer.

Garrett is a shining example of this.

He stayed on staff as a high priced coordinator because he was intent on building his value and waiting for the perfect opportunity. The idea is the more a coach builds his value, the better the opportunities and the longer the leash.

This is worth considering for Richard since just last season he was fired as the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator, and while this season he was brilliant here, he did so with Rod Marinelli at his side.

Without a long track record of success, he may not be given much time to turn a franchise around as a head coach. It’s not uncommon to see a coach get fired after one or two disappointing seasons in the NFL, especially if he doesn’t have a ton of collateral to his name. A season or two with this young and improving defense may give a young and largely unproven coach like Richard a bit more lasting power.

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At the end of the day this looks like a 60/40 situation where the chances of him leaving are greater than him staying. But this is certainly not the forgone conclusion everyone seems to be making it out to be. He still has to win the interviews. And he still has to like the opportunity.

  • Published on 01/06/2019 at 18:01 PM
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