How the postseason is unfolding perfectly for the Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

We may only be one weekend into the postseason but everything has been unraveling perfectly for the Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys are heading to the divisional round of the NFL Playoffs and things couldn’t be looking better. Not only did our beloved Dallas Cowboys win over a historically troubling opponent, but they did so with some style points that could serve them well moving forward.

But for the Wild Card round of the playoffs to be perfect, Dallas would need some help because the divisional round of the playoffs is set by seeds rather than a neat and tidy bracket. It’s this process that may allow the Dallas Cowboys to host the Conference Championship in the friendly confines of AT&T stadium. How? Let’s break it all down…

Vanquished demons

Aside from Aaron Rodgers, there has been no greater kryptonite to this Dallas Cowboys franchise than Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks. No matter the roster, Russ has had Dallas’ number as of late and popular sentiment around the Pacific Northwest was he was going to dispatch Dallas easily once again.

Since the highest seed hosts every round, the Dallas Cowboys actually have a chance at hosting the NFC Championship at AT&T stadium.

Beating Wilson and the ‘Hawks vanquished some demons and proved to this young and impressionable team no opponent is unbeatable (even one with a track record of clutch play and high-level success). This is exactly what a team needs when heading into the Divisional round against a high powered opponent coming off a bye.

Good job, “Not-the-Bears”

When asked who we want to win, the Eagles or Bears, without hesitation I answered “not-the-Bears” (because I couldn’t bring myself to say their real name). That’s because by Philadelphia winning, they are the lowest seed advancing and they are the ones who must play the Saints in New Orleans.

Let me be clear: There is no greater homefield advantage than New Orleans in the playoffs.

It matters zero percent the Dallas Cowboys beat the Saints earlier in the season. Because you aren’t going to surprise them a second time and this time it’ll be them playing with the chip on their shoulder.

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Instead Dallas gets to go to LA to face the second seeded Rams. The LA Rams are a great team with a great coach and a ton of weapons but LA sure as hell ain’t NOLA and this Dallas defense is like nothing the Rams have seen before.

While the Rams are still the clear favorite we have to like our odds considerably better against them than against the Saints.

Hosting the NFC Championship?

Since the highest seed hosts every round, the Dallas Cowboys actually have a chance at hosting the NFC Championship at AT&T stadium. It’s pretty simple, here’s how:

  1. (4)Dallas beats LA in LA
  2. (6)Philly beats NO in NOLA

Dallas and Philly face off in Dallas for the conference championship since Dallas is the highest seed.

Now, the odds of that happening are slim. Not only does Dallas need a big upset but Philly needs an even bigger upset. And even if that happens, it’ll be no walk in the park since Philly is the defending NFL Champs and no strangers to success within AT&T stadium. The game would also pit the two hottest teams in the NFL against each other making for one mammoth battle of momentum and confidence.

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Extra Points

The Dallas Cowboys put up the most points in the entire Wild Card round (which is hard to believe but true), they are as healthy as they’ve even been, their pass protection is peaking, the running game is dominant, and Dak Prescott is in top form. Things are going perfectly…

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