Dallas Cowboys: Who are their free agents and who will they re-sign?

Demarcus Lawrence #90 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Demarcus Lawrence #90 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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Tavon Austin #10 of the Dallas Cowboys(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

Tavon Austin

Receiver/ Web back

Tavon Austin came to the Dallas Cowboys in low-risk draft weekend trade. Serving as the Dallas Cowboys “web back” Tavon was tasked with stretching the opposing defenses. If Michael Gallup (and eventually Amari Cooper) were to stretch it vertically, Tavon was to do so horizontally. All of this would alleviate pressure inside the box for Ezekiel Elliott to work his magic.

Injury and ill-founded expectations got in the way of Tavon ever reaching this goal, making his $7 million annual price tag (some paid for by the LA Rams) is far too costly to automatically re-sign. Luckily, Tavon and the rest of the league are on the same page and because of that, it would be shocking if Tavon was paid half of that on his next deal (annually).

IF the Dallas Cowboys can’t afford to keep Cole Beasley because Bease demands too much money (>$6.5 annually is probably too much for Dallas) they may try to keep Tavon around to help fill Beasley’s shoes (more in the $2M range) He could split duties with second year slot man Cedrick Wilson and the committee would save the Cowboys a bundle at the slot position. That wouldn’t be optimal but understandable if they wanted to spend that money elsewhere, like upgrading TE in free agency.

Chances of re-signing: 30% if Beasley is allowed to walk. <10% is Bease is retained