Good news for the Dallas Cowboys offense

ARLINGTON, TEXAS - JANUARY 05: Michael Gallup #13 celebrates his touchdown with Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys against the Seattle Seahawks in the second quarter during the Wild Card Round at AT&T Stadium on January 05, 2019 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
ARLINGTON, TEXAS - JANUARY 05: Michael Gallup #13 celebrates his touchdown with Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys against the Seattle Seahawks in the second quarter during the Wild Card Round at AT&T Stadium on January 05, 2019 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

Recent reports surrounding the Dallas Cowboys coaching staff indicate good things are on the horizon. Here’s what we’ve learned…

Between Jason Garrett being forced to sing for his supper, Kellen Moore’s confirmed genius, and Jon Kitna’s philosophy on mechanics and decision-making, there’s a lot to be happy about for Dallas Cowboys fans hoping for change.

It starts at the top with Garrett. While chances are great he’ll be re-signed following the 2019 season, Jerry Jones isn’t guaranteeing anything and making him play out his deal in 2019. For anyone interested in results, this is most assuredly good news.

Coaching on an expiring contract will keep the pressure on Garrett. He’s retaining his defensive coaching staff ensuring its continuity and letting him shift focus to the offensive changes. The exact degree of change on offense is unknown but the more we hear about the men running it, the better the situation sounds. Let’s dive in…

Offensive Coordinator

A shared sigh of relief came across Cowboys Nation when the Dallas Cowboys parted ways with offensive coordinator Scott Linehan last month. But the satisfaction didn’t last long when news broke quarterback coach Kellen Moore was first in line to assume the coordinator position.

Dreams of luring a rising star like Lincoln Riley, Kliff Kingsbury, or Sean McVay’s brother’s cousin’s former roommate where quickly vanquished and maintaining the status quo seemed unavoidable.

How much could the Dallas Cowboys offense really hope to change with the inexperienced protégé of the recently dispatched Linehan taking over control, We asked ourselves.

Voices of reason (and blind faith) chimed in, “How can anyone be upset since we don’t know anything about Kellen Moore? He may be the next Sean McVay!”

While finding the next Sean McVay would be great, many of us would just be happy having a coach willing to call more passing plays on first and second downs. Or someone who doesn’t run a transparent play behind our biggest weakness against the opponent’s biggest strength.

Then some real insight was dropped when Gil Bryant gave us his take on Kellen Moore on 103.3 ESPN:

"“Every place he goes and everybody you talk to talk about how smart he is, how innovative and creative he is.”"

Looking back to Kellen Moore’s roots, it’s easy to see why some people are excited about Moore’s creativity. Standing 6’0” 197lbs, with no wheels and no arm, Moore found success in other ways.  The son of a coach, Moore relied on good decisions and unpredictability to make plays. And make plays he did. Moore had one of the most successful college careers of all time with Boise State.

If Moore pulls from his experience there, Dallas Cowboys fans are going to be pleasantly surprised. If he pulls from his time spent under Scott Linehan…not so happy. Which Moore will it be? My money’s on the creative side. After all, why would he copy his boss when his boss just got fired for the way he ran the offense?

Jon Kitna Effect

Soon after we learned about the likely assencion of Moore,  word came out retired quarterback Jon Kitna was joining the staff, causing many fans to rejoice in a sarcastic, “whoopty-frickin-doo!”

But the more we learn of Kitna the better he sounds…

Kitna spoke of his experience playing for Mike Martz. And how Martz taught Kitna to leave the caution to him (Martz) and Kitna’s job was to “rip it”. That’s should be music to everyone’s ears.

More from Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys were one of the worst big-play passing attacks in the NFL. All too often we saw Dak Prescott checking the ball down to Ezekiel Elliott, and all too often we saw Zeke scratch and claw for minimal gain (averaging a negative EPA). In fact, passes to Zeke were the most ineffective passes Dak threw last season. Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Cole Beasley, and Blake Jarwin all averaged better EPA per play than Zeke – meaning unless he was out running a real route downfield (which he rarely did), a pass to Zeke typically hurt the Dallas Cowboys chances of scoring (as evidenced by his receiving EPA).

If Kitna can get Dak throwing downfield more and embracing the risk/reward relationship, this Dallas Cowboys offense has a chance of really getting off the ground. This is what often separates the NFL’s top QBs from everybody else and is the next stage in Prescott’s development.

We don’t need Prescott to go full-on gunslinger nor do we need this offense to completely abandon the running game, but a shift to what’s statistically more effective will do wonders for this offense. Especially since this young Cowboys defense is primed for its own organic improvement.

Kitna also stressed the importance of fundamentals like footwork and mechanics. We’ve learned over the years Dak is quite accurate when his footwork and mechanics are on point. But when he strays from these fundamentals when his passes get wild

Next. It's time to stop comparing Dak to Romo. dark

We don’t know a whole lot about what Jon Kitna and Kellen Moore bring to the Dallas Cowboys offense but what we do know signals good things. The question isn’t whether or not this is a change for the better but rather the question is if it’s enough change. We shall see…

  • Published on 02/01/2019 at 14:01 PM
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