Dallas Cowboys: Why The Kellen Moore Hiring Makes Too Much Sense

GLENDALE, AZ - SEPTEMBER 25: Quarterback Dak Prescott
GLENDALE, AZ - SEPTEMBER 25: Quarterback Dak Prescott /
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To the chagrin of many Dallas Cowboys fans, the new offensive coordinator is former Scott Linehan protege, Kellen Moore. While that doesn’t seem smart, here’s why the move makes more sense than meets the eye.

Scott Linehan was reaching the end of his time as the Dallas Cowboys Offensive Coordinator. Whether it was the red zone woes, the predictable first down run, the ill-advised route running, or the inability to accept criticism, it’s probably more astonishing that the Cowboys didn’t send him out the door sooner.

But just over two weeks later, not only have the Cowboys announced their OC, but also their primary play caller. The former Boise State QB and Cowboys QB Kellen Moore has officially taken the reigns.

Having followed Linehan from the Lions to the Cowboys, there seems to be a giant sigh that falls across Cowboys Nation. People seem to envision a younger version of Linehan taking center stage, but how much of that accusation is true?

Dak has voiced his opinion of several occasions about his feelings on Moore:

In fact, Daniel Jeremiah of NFL networks’ Around the NFL Podcast has stated on several occasions that Kellen Moore is a smart man who could become a fascinating coaching candidate some day.

People who have worked with Moore are in awe with his intellect and more people should be. When Moore played QB, he didn’t have the arm strength and athleticism of other QBs in the NCAA and he still managed to put up, according to Sports Reference a career 69.8 completion percentage, 142 passing TDs, and 14667 passing yards while having the most wins as a QB in NCAA history.

With all the information we know about Moore, let’s dig into why move made too much sense for the Cowboys.