Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft: All Six Picks (Adithya 1.0)

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Anthony Ratliff-Williams, WR, North Carolina

Oh look, another North Carolina wide receiver in the 4th round! Surely, we’ll keep him for more than one season this time! I’m not frustrated that we gave up Ryan Switzer prematurely, but I am frustrated that we didn’t give him more opportunities while he was here to find a place in this offense.

Now, the Cowboys could have the chance to fix a previous wrong and select a legitimate receiver with their 4th round compensatory pick. (Thank you Anthony Hitchens!) This pick seems strange because Ratliff-Williams was a combine snub, but don’t let that distract you from his ability.

Ratliff-Williams is an explosive athlete with good route-running and catching ability. At a listed 6’1″ 205 lbs, he’s pretty similar in stature to a certain receiver on this team with potential. However, unlike that receiver, Ratliff-Williams didn’t boast two 1,000 yard seasons and 10+ touchdowns.

In all fairness to Ratliff-Williams, UNC hasn’t been good or relevant since the departure of Mitchell Trubisky. Asking for one player to produce a significant amount of offense without a solid starting quarterback is tough. Even with uneven quarterback play, Ratliff-Williams caught 42 reception for 689 yards and 2 TDs according to Football Reference. He averaged 16.4 yards per reception on a respectable haul.

If the Cowboys were to select Ratliff-Williams, this would provide Dak another legitimate weapon who can make big plays and get substantial yards after the catch, which was a big deal in the passing offense this year.