Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft: 2019 Post Combine Edition (Reid 3.0)

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /
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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images) /

Today we embark on a complete 7-round mock draft for the Dallas Cowboys, updated for NFL Combine performances and recent roster changes

The NFL Combine is over and draft boards have been re-ordered accordingly. What kind of impact will this have on the Dallas Cowboys and who might they be targeting in the 2019 NFL Draft?

The NFL Combine shouldn’t mean as much as it does, but alas it means much because we are all slaves to the measurables. The scouting reports may hold the most weight, but every year we see players rise and players fall all based on these Underwear Olympics.

Even if the Dallas Cowboys don’t make any changes to their own draft board, other teams are sure to adjust, sending ripples all the way down the draft. Speedy receivers and ultra-athletic tight ends are sure to rise up the boards allowing some of their less-flashy (but often more productive) peers fall into the Dallas Cowboys’ laps.

As we all know Dallas has already used their first round pick on Amari Cooper. This means they won’t be picking until pick 58 overall. With the possible departure of Cole Beasley and the surprising free agent addition of Jason Witten, filling a need at slot seems to be more important (at least in the short-term) than finding a TE1.

In this draft we used Fanspeak’s mock draft simulator roughly 20 times to gauge trends, values, and flukes. We’re not interested in finding a steal that can’t be reproduced, we’re interested in some realism. As such, we used the recent events at the NFL Combine and our own intuition to guess who is going up and who is going down between now and draft day in April.

It’s worth pointing out, I’m not a scout, nor do I pretend to be one. I watch the film (usually 2-games) and grade players but I largely rely on established scouts like the fellas at The Draft Network to provide the official analysis. Whenever possible I will link to their scouting reports so the players I selected can be further researched by you, the reader.

So, in Round 1 we basically selected Amari Cooper and now,