This Dallas Cowboys draft class shares this common trait

The Dallas Cowboys were all over the place in their selections last weekend in the NFL Draft but all of them seem to share one common trait…

Last weekend in the NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys surprised some of us with their eclectic selections. While some players have been heavily linked to the Cowboys for weeks and even months, others appeared to come from out of nowhere.

In the aftermath, we know the Dallas Cowboys deviated from the best player available strategy (BPA) early and often. As such, it’s difficult to explain the overall method to their madness. But nearly all of Dallas’ selections share a common trait. A trait previously not always sought after by this front office.


Nearly all of these players drafted (and even some of the undrafted free agents) are known for their never-quit attitude and exceptional motors. DT Trysten Hill may have fallen out of favor with his coaching staff and subsequently been demoted because of it, but when he hit the field we worked his butt off from whistle to whistle.

RB Tony Pollard is a do-it-all running back/receiver hybrid who always finds a way to get onto the field. CB Micheal Jackson is strikingly similar to Isaiah Johnson (someone heavily linked to Dallas). The biggest difference is Jackson is an eager tackler and Johnson almost looks indifferent to stopping the running game.

DE Joe Jackson tested off-the-charts bad in athleticism, yet his work ethic and non-stop motor made him a draftable player at an already loaded defensive end position on the Cowboys. SS Donovan Wilson stood out to Dallas in this deep safety class, not for his athletic prowess or his high ceiling, but rather for his blue-collar attitude and propensity to deliver the wood.

Even RB Mike Weber in the seventh is known for his motor. He’s not spectacular in anything but he’s a grinder who just finds a way to get the job done.

Taco Charlton

Call this all a lesson learned. Dallas has a history of superb drafting but one recent blemish has taught them a valuable lesson and likely contributed to this focus on never-quit players. That blemish is named Taco.

Taco Charlton may not have been worthy of a first round pick, but he does have some skills and traits that make him a potential NFL starter. What’s standing in his way isn’t ability – it’s attitude. And that attitude manifested itself into his effort last season. That’s why Taco was inactive multiple times last season and that’s why Taco’s roster spot is in question this coming season.

Dallas’ top pick this draft, Trysten Hill, may also have an attitude, but instead of pouting, he dug in and worked his butt off in college.

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The Dallas Cowboys drafted players with extremely different personalities and backgrounds, but one common trait they all seem to share is their effort. I suppose we can thank Taco for that.

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