Dallas Cowboys: Watch out for this dynamic player

Tony Pollard #1 (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images)
Tony Pollard #1 (Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images) /

The Dallas Cowboys have a few players prepared to take their game to the next level, but there is one player who will do it sooner, rather than later.

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the youngest and most talented rosters in the entire NFL. With elite Pro Bowlers on both sides of the ball-and an outstanding draft class to boot-the Cowboys are one of the early favorites to at least play in the NFC Championship game.

Although the Cowboys have a lot of talent, there are some players who need to take the next step in their development to make the Cowboys a real threat to make a run for the Super Bowl. And there is one player in particular who is more than capable of doing exactly that.

Lets take a look at the aforementioned player.

Tony Pollard, RB, KR, rookie, Memphis

When the Cowboys selected Tony Pollard out of Memphis with the 128th pick in the fourth round, not too many fans of Cowboys Nation knew anything about him. But all Pollard did in three years at Memphis was catch 104 passes for 1,292 yards, ran for 941 yards as a running back, and had a total of 18 touchdowns.

In addition to Pollard’s skill set, he was a return specialist that won the Special Teams Player of the Year for his conference with two kickoff returns in his redshirt freshman year. Pollard would tally four kickoff returns for touchdowns the following year to earn another Special Teams Player of the Year award to his mantle.

Further, Pollard collected 209 kickoff return yards in the 2018 Birmingham Bowl game. Go watch the tape and you’re walk away beyond impressed.

With that cache of talent, Pollard can help Dallas’ dismal special teams unit. Yes, Dallas has a decent return man when Tavon Austin is available, but with his injury-prone history, it’s suspect at best. Remember former Dallas’ slot receiver Cole Beasley returning punts? No, I don’t want to remember that either.

Pollard can give Dallas that much needed edge with is returning abilities. Pollard will either be a threat to take a kickoff to pay dirt or he’s going to give Dallas’ offense great field position with his speed.  So instead of Dallas’ offense starting at their own 25 yard line, it can start closer to midfield.

Think of how dangerous Dallas’ offense will be operating from midfield with the likes of Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Randall Cobb,  Austin, Cedrick Wilson, Jason Witten, and Ezekiel Elliott.

Oh I forgot to mention that Pollard is a receiving threat out of the backfield, too. Standing 6’0 and weighing 208 pounds, Pollard isn’t a small back and can run between the tackles. In the event Zeke gets suspended (hopefully not), Pollard is the right replacement because he’s effective enough to move the chains and keep opposing defenses honest.

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Pollard isn’t a just a situational back, either. He’s a triple threat that can return kicks, run between the tackles and catch the ball out of the backfield. With new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore at the helm, maybe Moore will utilize Pollard’s talents along with Zeke in the lineup.

Pollard is doing so well in OTA’s (Organzational Team Activities) that site expert Reid Hanson wrote an article about Pollard replacing Austin. That’s how good Pollard is playing (I’m hoping Dallas can keep the both of them.

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I know Pollard is a rookie, but he’s a special type of rookie that can be a game changer for the Dallas Cowboys. Combine a fearful special team ace to go with a dynamic offense and a defense to hold serve, and you have the ingredients for a Super Bowl run!

Now that alone is special!

  • Published on 05/30/2019 at 11:00 AM
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