Dallas Cowboys: The same dilemma, with the same results

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - DECEMBER 16: Head coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys reacts after a play in the game against the Indianapolis Colts in the fourth quarter at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 16, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - DECEMBER 16: Head coach Jason Garrett of the Dallas Cowboys reacts after a play in the game against the Indianapolis Colts in the fourth quarter at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 16, 2018 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

After winning their first three games, the Dallas Cowboys loss their second game in a row in dramatic fashion, and there is one common theme.

The Dallas Cowboys have more story lines with dramatic twists and turns than any soap opera on television.

The Cowboys started the season with three dominating wins over inferior competition. They were deemed early favorites to at least represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. One of the main reasons for the Cowboys success was the stellar play of fourth year quarterback Dak Prescott.

Dak had been playing like the franchise quarterback Jerry Jones and Cowboys Nation envisioned, and new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore was the icing on the cake.

Moore had implemented a new level of creativity and was utilizing the unique skill set of wide receivers Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, Randall Cobb, Tavon Austin, Devin Smith, and running back Ezekiel ElliottWhen was the last time we saw the wide receivers run in motion?

With this elite talent at Dak’s disposal, the former Mississippi State star had thrown for 920 yards, nine touchdowns, and two interceptions in his first three games. Dak was playing like the $40 million dollar quarterback that he wants to become. Man those were the best three weeks of my life as a Cowboys fan in a very long time!

Well after three weeks of believing the Cowboys were the best team in the NFL and headed to the Super Bowl, I’m faced with a stern reality check that this team is the same one from previous years.

Translation: Dallas has the same dilemma (not knowing how to use great talent) with the same results (poor preparation).

After losing their last two games to the New Orleans Saints and to that Grinch known as Aaron Rodgers, Dallas looks like an entirely different team from the one that beat down its previous opponents.

Yes, I’m very aware that the New York Giants, Washington Redskins, and Miami Dolphins are not good teams. However, this is the NFL and any team can lose on any given Sunday (pun intended) and how a team performs in their wins/losses is still a good measuring stick for success.

The New Orleans Saints game

While watching Dallas play the Saints, I realized that Coach Clapper (Jason Garrett) played a conservative game and lost 12-10 because once again, Garrett did not know how to out scheme Sean Payton. Instead of Dallas passing on first and second downs like they did in their previous wins, they kept feeding Zeke the ball without any success and the play action was nonexistent.

Further, there was no creativity on offense, a lack of motion, and Dak was not used as the dual threat that he’s capable of being. The question is why not? Why go conservative when the Saints were without All Pro quarterback Drew Brees?

This was classic Coach Clapper.

Coach Clapper loses a winnable game because he was either playing too conservative or ill prepared to make adjustments during games. The Saints defense held Dallas in check because Coach Clapper refused to do anything to counter the Saints defense.

Dallas did have two fumbles that stalled drives, but that’s no excuse for losing a winnable game.

Raise your hand if you’re seen Coach Clapper have the best team on the field but only to lose the game because he was out coached. Heck, we saw his gaffe last season against the Los Angeles Rams in the playoffs, and to the Indianapolis Colts, just to name a few games.

Granted, Dallas’ defense came to play and held the Saints to 12 points with Teddy Bridgewater as the quarterback. But with so much on the line (own the tiebreaker with a win over the Saints and maintain a lead over the Philadelphia Eagles), Dallas’ offense resembled the one from last season that didn’t have Cooper-an anemic one.

More from Dallas Cowboys

I’m not here to rehash every single detail in Dallas’ two losses this season, but I am here to point out a pattern of ineptitude with the coaching that has been going forever. Even defensive coordinator Kris Richard and offensive coordinator Moore look lost and unprepared.

You see how being inept can be contagious.

We witnessed the self-destruction against the Packers. We watched a horror show for the first three quarters.

Why did the running game disappear against the Packers? Where were the halftime adjustments on offense and defense? Why didn’t left tackle Cameron Fleming receive help against the Packers pass rush?

We have asked those questions a thousand times over the years. The only thing I was excited about was when Coach Clapper threw the challenge flag down disrespectfully in front of the official. Wow!  (he received a 15-yard penalty for his actions).

Next. Discipline is clearly needed. dark

I would like to see more of that attitude along with some better coaching. If not, Cowboys Nation can expect the same dilemma with the same results once again. Let’s hope Coach Clapper can challenge that.

  • Published on 10/10/2019 at 12:02 PM
  • Last updated at 10/10/2019 at 12:02 PM