Dallas Cowboys: WR Randall Cobb too costly to re-sign

Given the depth of the WR position in the upcoming draft, re-signing veteran Randall Cobb may prove to be too costly for the Dallas Cowboys

We’ve finally reached the point in roster building where tough decisions must be made. While the salary cap is manipulable enough to sign everyone, the Dallas Cowboys front office is going to apply some fiscal restraint and try to put something together a little more budget friendly and lot more sustainable. As such, letting some good players walk is a necessary evil for them.

Last season, Dallas signed Randall Cobb to a 1-year prove-it deal. Well, he did. And now Cobb looks to cash in on his best season since 2015 with a new multi-year deal. Sportac estimates it’ll be in the amount of $7 million per season. But for as much as I like Cobb, I say, “Thanks, but no thanks”. The main reason why is the upcoming draft.

The 2020 NFL draft is loaded with receivers. Starters are to be found in every round and the slot position specifically looks to be the easiest to fill. Filing the position with a rookie probably won’t be seamless, but it will save Dallas up to $7 million this season.

It will also take advantage of the best receiver draft in years and at the end of the day, upgrade the position in Dallas.

Money to be used elsewhere

Seven million may not sound like much but how far apart are Dak Prescott and the Cowboys in their negotiations? How far apart are Amari Cooper and Dallas? Seven million could certainly bridge that gap. It sure as heck would allow Dallas to re-sign Robert Quinn.

Now, this doesn’t mean Dallas has to rely on a rookie inside. They have Cedrick Wilson and Noah Brown with slot experience already on the roster. Wilson has tremendous upside and may just need an opportunity. He wouldn’t get an opportunity if Dallas re-signs Cobb.

Amari Cooper is also a beast inside. Dallas can also give the 6-foot-3 Ventell Bryant more opportunities outside and let Coop take some snaps inside (something most elite receivers do). Devin Smith is a deep threat everyone respects. He could free Cooper to take snaps inside as well.

The point is, the slot can be just as productive without Cobb as it is with Cobb and it won’t even require striking gold in the draft.

We also need to keep Cobb’s injury history in mind. The guy hasn’t played all 16 games in five years. While he was able to play in 15 last season, his status was often in question – which isn’t surprising for a 29-year-old receiver.

I like Randall Cobb and think he’d be a great fit in this familiar Mike McCarthy offense. But I’d rather use that money elsewhere and attacking the strength of the draft will better position the Dallas Cowboys going forward