Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 Tight Ends for 5 Rounds

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Blake Jarwin, Dallas cowboys (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

After a start to free agency that saw the Dallas Cowboys lose big-name free agents, the team is now in need of athletes on both sides of the ball. Even though the team locked up tight end Blake Jarwin for the next four years, the team might still look for one in the draft to fill out the bottom of the depth chart.

Draft season is in full swing. The scouting combine has passed, pro days were taking place before a pandemic came through, and mock draft and big boards are constantly being pumped out. For the next month, many football fans are finding the most effective ways to help fill the holes in their favorite football teams.

The Dallas Cowboys have many holes to fill as many of their players are busy signing with other teams. While the Cowboys have more cap space available this offseason than in previous years, free agency is not going to solve all the issues with this team. Hence the draft will seemingly make or break the Cowboys roster once again.

Yay, teambuilding!

Just last week we looked at seven safeties in seven rounds. Be sure to catch up here: 7 Safeties

Today we will be looking at the best tight ends available in each round of the 2020 NFL draft. Dallas’ tight end depth chart has been a revolving door the past two seasons. After Jason Witten declared his first retirement, the team spent a fourth-round pick on Stanford tight end Dalton Schultz.

After seeing some promise from former Oklahoma State tight end Blake Jarwin, Jason Witten decided to return from retirement effectively putting a pause on the Jarwin and Schultz experiment. After a season where Witten garnered more snaps than initially allotted by the front office, the team is back to having a dynamic duo.

The need for a tight end could be bigger than initially anticipated as Jarwin’s blocking ability has been notably below average and Schultz’s receiving ability is still unknown even if the project is favorable.

This article in some ways is a mock draft as the tight ends that end up on this list were available for the Cowboys in said round according to The Draft Network’s Mock Draft Simulator. Scheme fit will be taken into consideration, but considering the state of the Y position, I’d like to attack with a “best player available” mindset. For that reason, some picks might feel like reaches while others will feel correctly valued.

The way I choose who the selection is at each pick is by running ten trials and seeing who makes it to a pick 80 percent of the time. This would mean a player is more likely to be available at a certain spot according to the Mock Draft Simulator.

I also will not be trading picks to move up for someone. That would defeat the purpose of this article and with the number of holes on the team, I also expect the Cowboys to trade back in the draft at some point.

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