3 Reasons the Dallas Cowboys need a veteran interior run-stopper

Damon Harrison #98 (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Damon Harrison #98 (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /
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They Stop the Run

So you’re sayin’ a run-stopping interior defensive lineman is useful because he stops the run?  Thank you, Captain Obvious! Ok, so while this result is quite obvious, there’s more to it than face value. Stopping the run is certainly useful, it’s importance just pales in comparison to stopping the pass.

… and Pass

But having a strong run-stopper anchoring the line isn’t just useful in stopping the run. It’s also useful in stopping the pass. That’s because having a plus run-stopper in the game allows a defense to drop more players in coverage. And as we know, more players in coverage mean smaller windows for opposing quarterbacks to throw into. It increases the chances of a turnover and is more impactful in stopping a passing offense than the blitz. That’s right, generally speaking, passer ratings rise against the blitz and fall against nickel and dime coverages.

If Mike Nolan knows he has a dominate run-stopper inside, he won’t feel obligated to pack the box with linebackers and safety support. Instead, they can focus on other things: like coverage

Teams get in trouble when certain players can’t handle their business. Last season we saw Dallas have trouble stopping some opposing running games. This forced them to stick to their 4-3 base defense and pack the box which opened up opportunities through the air