Dallas Cowboys: Team Trade Down

The Dallas Cowboys could look to trade down in the first round to pick up more players to fill needs. Let’s look what ‘Team Trade Down’ looks like.

The Dallas Cowboys have some needs still looming this offseason and with Travis Frederick retiring it adds to some of the holes, both starter and depth. One way to alleviate some of the needs is in the draft. Trading down in the first could net more players, fill some holes, and leave some of the compensatory picks for next year alone.

I asked a question yesterday on Twitter for people to decide between two drafts. The idea wasn’t necessarily between the haul, but rather, how it could look with a trade back only in the first, and one in the first and second. Both drafts had Zack Baun as the first round pick, filling the defensive end role that is missing right now.

You can see both drafts here.

The Cowboys certainly could use the extra picks because the needs are just about everywhere at this point. Sure, things could change. There is still plenty of time to see what moves they finally make in free agency, however, some of their needed positions are already woefully thin. The Cowboys are possibly painting themselves into a corner looking at positions in the draft and not allowing themselves to take the best player available.

Looking at the first draft option, there was one trade down, but not very far, in the first. It added an extra wide receiver and a linebacker for depth as the extra picks. In the second there were two draft backs and a move up in the later rounds. These picks allowed for a safety, wide receiver depth, and a defensive tackle depth.

By moving down, but remaining in the first it keeps the fifth year option on a starter, but gives some flexibility to move around, find players. and restock the depth. Those who are on “team -40-burger” (basically stack the offense and score as much as you can and don’t focus much on defense), can still get weapons at wide receiver and not leave the defense without some depth and talent.

There is a long way to go, and everyone will see things different. However, trading down may not be a bad idea for the Cowboys if they don’t add much more in free agency. Moving up isn’t out of the question, but it appears the Cowboys are in a slight rebuild right now, and draft picks are highly valued in a rebuild.

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There is a long way to go, but for now, I am on #teamtradedown in the draft. Things could change if the Cowboys make more moves. Cowboys’ fans are all over the map on how they feel about this team. Some think they are good and will compete and some think this team is no where near even what they were last year. Of course there are a lot of people in-between.