Dallas Cowboys Draft: 5 Offensive Linemen for 5 Rounds

Travis Frederick #72 of the Dallas cowboys (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)
Travis Frederick #72 of the Dallas cowboys (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images) /
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Shane Lemieux, Interior Offensive Lineman (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images) /

Shane Lemieux, Oregon

Round Grade: Late 4th/Early 5th

Value: Slight Reach

Percent Probability: 80%

The Oregon Duck started 52 games at left guard. Lemieux is one of three Oregon linemen in the draft and he might be the highest rated. A run blocking stud, his size and aggression are great at moving bodies but his lateral quickness, or lack thereof, hinders his pass protecting ability.

At 6-foot-4, 310 pounds Lemieux has good size to play the position and is well put together. Not lacking in strength whatsoever, the All-American can drive defenders wherever he wants them to go. His lower body is always active and it is great for combo and drive blocking. His upper body strength helps him secure his hands on opposing defenders whenever they get ripped off.

The strength is great for the power of the NFL, however, his lateral quickness will get exposed at the next level. Testing poorly at the scouting combine with an 8.13-second 3-cone drill and a 4.9-second short shuttle time, the Duck struggles to deal with faster rushers and isn’t a very effective pulling blocker. In general, he looked clunky in pass protection and didn’t have strong feet work compared to some of his counterparts.

The NFL has the best athletes, so if Lemieux struggled to deal with pass protection and other lateral movement in college, it is a sure bet he will struggle at the next level. After all, you can’t teach athleticism.

However, don’t mistake this as Lemieux having a poor professional projection. Every team loves having offensive linemen and one as proficient in run blocking as Lemieux is always in demand. He is 22 years old which means his first contract would expire when he is 26. (Expecting he goes later than the first round)

That last statement is fairly important as Connor Williams has two years left on his deal and is born on the same date as Lemieux. (May 12, 1997) Connor McGovern is six months younger than the two but has still been under contract for one year. If the Cowboys wanted Lemieux, they could develop him behind both Connors, have him start in either of their places and still be under contract for a couple more years.

By then the Cowboys would have an idea of how to gameplan around his average pass protection. Or so we think…