Dallas Cowboys Draft: 7 Different Defensive Tackles in 7 Rounds

Antwaun Woods #99 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Antwaun Woods #99 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /
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Rashard Lawrence, Interior Defensive Lineman(Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

Rashard Lawrence, LSU

Round Grade: 4th 

Value: Reach

Percentage Available: 90%

Lawrence is one of many overlooked members from the 2019 national champion LSU Tigers that are in this draft class. In his four year career, Lawrence has totaled over 100 total tackles and 10 sacks with his best season coming in 2018.

Lawrence is the definition of a power rusher. He jars opposing linemen when he gets his hands on their chest and just drives them backward. No matter his pad level, he never gave linemen the ability to readjust their base to combat his power.

Unfortunately, Lawrence isn’t much more. He is a fairly stiff athlete with below-average burst. He isn’t able to move laterally limiting his pass-rushing creativity and his ability to get off blocks as a run stopper. Against longer linemen, he isn’t able to move anywhere and if his opposition engages at the point of attack first he has a hard time moving past him.

Lawrence has the skill set to play on all three downs but his athletic shortcomings limit his effectiveness. If Lawrence got bigger, he could slide inside from his regular 3 technique position to 1 technique where he could be a gap filler. That would allow him to make the most of his power.

While the Cowboys do not currently have a lot of depth to allow Lawrence to develop his size and skill set, he could provide help early on as a run stopper as his ball awareness is better than the two players mentioned previously.