Dallas Cowboys Draft: 3 Possible Trade Back Scenarios

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Dallas Cowboys Trade With Minnesota

Speaking of the Vikings they have two first round picks at 22 and at 25. They could certainly move up for someone and not feel like they are losing out a lot in the draft by giving up too much. With the Cowboys still at 950 points the Vikings offer two possible scenarios. The 22nd pick would also net the Cowboys a third and fifth, 89 and 155, the Cowboys may have to give up a sixth or seventh next year to make the numbers work. The 25th pick would net the Cowboys a third and a fourth this year and a fourth next year, picks 89 and 132, and whatever the Vikings fourth is next year.

The Vikings may make this move if they think the Packers will try to jump them at some point and take a wide receiver or offensive line that the Vikings need, or perhaps someone to eventually take the place of Kirk Cousins. The Vikings may be more than willing to trade more picks this year knowing they have another first round pick.

The Vikings need talent on both sides of the ball this offseason, and could make some moves in the draft to add earlier talent. The early to mid 20s would let the Cowboys not reach for a player but give them some options that are worth a later pick. Wide receiver, safety, or edge would be this area of the draft if they trade down.