Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: No CBs? No Problem!

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)
The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images) /
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The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images) /

In this 7-round mock draft we see what happens when no viable options at cornerback are available for the Dallas Cowboys in the first two rounds of the Draft.

Things don’t go always go as planned in the draft and after seeing their board wiped clean in Round 1, the Dallas Cowboys search for a trade partner to move back a bit. Dallas has spent a lot of time talking to prospects in the 20-30 range and was prepared to drop should this exact situation go down.

They find a trade partner in Minnesota which swaps Pick 17 for Pick 22 and nets the Cowboys Minnesota’s 4th rounder. Dallas loses value in the trade back since they’re more eager to drop back than Minnesota is to move up, but that’s how things often work in the NFL.

Ideally, Dallas was hoping either Kristian Fulton or Trevon Diggs were available, but both went off the board causing the Joneses to pivot their draft strategy and target a different defensive position at Pick 22. They’re banking on a good CB to be available in Round 2, but as the subheading says, they’re going to find their favorite CBs are again off the board at Pick 51.

They have a choice – reach for CB in Round 2 and overdraft at a position of need, or roll the dice and stick to their board, thus pushing CB yet another round.

Dallas Cowboys: No cornerbacks, no problem

The Dallas Cowboys go out on a limb when they fail to secure a CB in either of the top two rounds. Can they survive such a situation? I believe they can and that’s primarily because instead of reaching early in the draft, they traded back and added picks in the top 100. This gave them more opportunities to draft players in their appropriate positions, and let them recover from this uncomfortable situation.

Note: Even if things went perfectly for them in the first round, they weren’t going to find anyone as good as Byron Jones was for them last year anyway.

So who are they going to pick if they don’t go CB in Round 1 or 2 and how are they going to recover? Let’s take a look at this very realistic possibility.