Dallas Cowboys 7-Round Mock Draft: No CBs? No Problem!

The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images)
The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders (Photo by Mark Thompson/Getty Images) /
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Linebacker Justin Strnad #23 (Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images) /

Round 5, Pick 179

LB, Justin Strnad

Wake Forest

Justin Strnad is someone who many people are targeting as a late round steal, and for good reason: his potential is sky-high.  Strnad came into the season on a lot of teams’ radars simply because he’s 6-foot3, 235lb with elite range and professional-grade explosiveness.

Sport DFW’s Adithya Prabakaran recently did a great breakdown of Strnad and the other great linebackers in this draft class. Check it out here

Despite the injury shortened season, Strnad did nothing but improve his draft stock. He plays smart and exudes confidence. He’s a team leader and doesn’t hesitate to make his moves. He can move sideline to sideline with ease and if you can keep him clean (meaning – keep offensive linemen off him) he can dominate. But if you can’t, his 235lb frame gets exposed and he is easily neutralized.


Strnad is a ball hunter in the running game and athletic enough to be a plus player in coverage as well.  He’s old for a rookie, but career spans are short for linebackers anyway, and Strnad is someone who can come in and contribute right away. He has starter potential, no doubt.

The Dallas Cowboys are in an uncomfortable situation with their top-2 linebackers. Both Jaylon Smith and Leighton Vander Esch regressed last season. And LVE has a career-threatening situation that makes the waters even murkier. Strnad is thought of as a WILL in 4-3 defense but he can probably also serve as a nickel ‘backer or even MIKE if he can put on a little weight.