Why the Eagles are still the Dallas Cowboys most hated rival

Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images)
Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Corey Perrine/Getty Images) /

After selecting CeeDee Lamb in the NFL draft, the Dallas Cowboys have received nothing but pure hatred, disrespect, and jealousy from this divisional foe.

Out of all of the 32 NFL teams, the Dallas Cowboys have by far more rivals than any other team.  Since the Cowboys inception in 1960, the Cowboys have unofficially literally had lead the league in mortal enemies.

And when I say rivals, I mean not only did the fans dislike each other, but the players hated each other, as well. In the 1960’s, the Dallas Cowboys’ main rival was the Green Bay Packers, led by the late and legendary head coach Vince Lombardi and roster full of Hall of Famers (Lombardi broke the Cowboys’ hearts like the Grinch from Green Bay has done so many times in the 21st century).

Back then, legendary head coach Tom Landry couldn’t beat the Packers in closely contested, NFC Championship games. Ole Landry developed the dreaded label “can’t win the big one” because he kept infamously losing to Lombardi.

When the 1970’s arrived- Landry, with his roster of future Hall of Famers-would have several rivalries on their way to appearing in five Super Bowls and winning two Super Bowl titles. Those rival teams included the then Baltimore Colts,  San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, Los Angles Rams, Washington Redskins, and the HATED PITTSBURGH STEELERS (the Steelers beat the Cowboys twice in the Super Bowl in the 1970’s).

The Division Rivals

The Eagles, along with the New York Giants, weren’t considered Cowboys’ rivals until they were able to beat the Cowboys, and quite frankly, for a long time Tom Landry ruled the NFC East like a ruthless dictator during the medieval period.

The Skins were a natural born rival because of their mascot being named the Redskins, and to their credit, the Skins were decent at times and gave those Landry teams hell. Plus,they played in several memorable games since the 1970’s.

To this day, the Skins still play the Cowboys tough. Ditto the Giants because they didn’t become a contender to the Cowboys until Bill Parcells made them a Super Bowl champs after the 1986 season. Oh by the way, I still hate the Skins like lions hate hyenas. They’ll always be public enemy number one. Ask any old school Cowboys fan.

Most Dallas fans already know Dak is better than Wentz and Jared Goff two QBs drafted well above Dak in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Throughout the decades, the Cowboys have developed new rivals, renewed others, and even add some rivals late, but one team has a permanent place of hatred in the hearts of Cowboys Nation (hint: buzzards). That team is no other than the evil, hateful Philadelphia Eagles.

There is no love lost between the Eagles and the Cowboys. The Eagles are the Cowboys most hated rival for several reasons, but I truly believe the root of the Eagles’ hatred for Dallas dates back to 1978, when Bob Ryan of NFL films coined Dallas “America’s Team” before an Eagles/Cowboys game (insert laughing emoji).

Ryan saw so many Dallas fans at away stadiums that they had to be the most popular team in the country that he had to name them “America’s Team”.

It didn’t help that Dallas had already appeared in five Super Bowls and were two-time Super Bowl winning champs before the buzzards appeared in even their first back in 1980. The buzzards had been in the league since 1933 and had never won a Super Bowl. (only winning nonchalant NFL championships when John Wayne was Hollywood legend).

If I’m not mistaken, the movie Gone with the Wind was a hit seven years later in 1940. Please, can the buzzards explain how their pathetic franchise had a 27-year head start on Dallas but couldn’t manage a Super Bowl until the next millennium.

The Eagles are so awful that in one historic game back in 1989, then head coach Buddy Ryan allegedly paid his players to injure Cowboys players.

If you think that was bad, the Eagles cheered loudly when Hall of Famer Michael Irving suffered a career-ending neck injury in a game at Veterans Stadium in 1999. Not many people in this world are brash enough to cheer possible paralysis. The Buzzards do! 

Unlike Dallas’ other two NFC East rivals (who strongly dislike Dallas as well), the Giants and Redskins don’t sink to mafia like tactics of the buzzards because of disdain for their opponent. But with the buzzards…nothing is off-limits. I mean absolutely nothing! 

The buzzards are more concerned about Dallas affairs than Dallas fans are themselves. And that speaks volumes. If you don’t believe me just go to Twitter and I guarantee you the buzzards are talking about the Cowboys like an angry boyfriend that lost his girlfriend to Brad Pitt and Denzel Washington. The more recent example of the buzzards foolery is the NFL draft.

The buzzards were so mad that Dallas selected wide receiver CeeDee Lamb instead of them, that they went on a Philadelphia sports station to air out their anger in viral hilarity. They were so mad that they were giving Dallas all types of props, even saying that there’s no way their own buzzard team can beat Dallas (they know the real deal).

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The buzzards are royally mad that Lamb fell to Dallas and they settled for a lesser known wide receiver. The buzzards already know their defense can’t handle Dallas’ high octane offense. 

Oh, and if you want to see how possessed the buzzards are with Dallas, then watch how they closely watch the Dak Prescott negotiations and how they compare Dak to their often-injured Carson Wentz-who breaks more bones annually than Evel Knievel.

The buzzards constantly remind Dallas fans that its been 25 years since they have won a Super Bowl. Next to them saying Wentz is better than Dak, that’s their go-to argument. As if any Dallas fans really cares what a buzzard fan thinks anyway.

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Besides, Dallas is the most valued sports franchise in the entire world at over 5 billion. That’s good for a franchise that hasn’t won a Super Bowl since the end of the 1995 season. What’s the buzzard’s excuse? They have only one Lombardi trophy and they’ve been in the NFL since the depression era.

Maybe that’s why the buzzards hate on Dallas so much because they’ve been around since the ending of silent movies and still aren’t worth as America’s Team. I’ll be mad, too! HA-HA!

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